Community Empowerment - Maliga

Visit by Daina Akurut on 2021-04-14

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2021-04-15 08:37:16 UTC
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11:30-17:35 (6 h 5 m)
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12:50-15:38 (2 h 48 m)
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3 h 17 m

Community Empowerment Lessons

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Ida Bazonona,Akurut Diana 
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Bible Lesson 8: Teaching Children 
Ida and Diana went to Maliga to teach about Early marriages and bride price. The community had gathered and eager to learn. They welcomed us. Ida thanked them for keeping time. She encouraged them to always continue putting on masks, because Covid is real. No one can see COVID moving, therefore they need to be alert all the time. Ida took them through a recap, she asked them what they remember in the previous lesson of school dropouts, Hawa, said she remembers, taking care of their children, loving them, providing them with food. Every one clapped for her. Ida thanked her for giving in a good answer and encouraged others to do the same to their children. Diana thanked the group for being active in the lesson and for keeping time. She introduced the lesson of the day, which was early marriages and bride price. She asked them if they have ever come across such things in the community, they said yes. Diana asked them what they understand by the word early marriage, Deborah, said it is when children get married before the age of 18. Diana thanked her for giving in a brilliant answer. Diana told them the causes of early marriages, that is poverty, marrying the children when they are still virgins, because in African society, it is a pride of the parents to marry off their daughters when they are still virgins, social pressure from the peers, illiteracy, to get bride price and others. Diana elaborated on these points and told parents to avoid marrying off their daughters when they are still young. Ida handled the consequences of early marriages in Maliga community or any other neighboring community, that is, children of those married young are less healthy, sometimes they produce prematures and are also at risk of contracting diseases, death during child birth, increases sexually transmitted diseases and others. She told parents to value the life and education of their children so much. Encourage the children to appreciate the value of education, because they are the Kadaga‚Äôs(speaker of parliament) of Tomorrow . The community clapped their hands and thanked Kibo for the good work done in the community. Diana encouraged the community to take children who are slow in class for technical courses like, hair dressing, tailoring, catering and others. The community was so happy to hear such teachings from Ida and Diana, and requested us not to ever give up on them, because they are being transformed. 
Next Visit
2021-04-28 - Purpose: To continue with the lesson of bride price and to carry on with assessment.
Program Success
Yes, the community members embrace the lessons and there is unity in marriage, domestic violence has been reduced.
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
The community members always keep time during the lessons of community empowerment
Other Program Observations
The kitchen and health programs are doing well
Program Expected Of Village
The village needs to come in big numbers, keeping time and put on masks.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
The staff needs to prepare lessons before going to the village

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18408 Diana teaching the lesson of early marriages and bride price in Maliga
18411 Ida in Maliga taking the community through a recap and handling effects of marriage, in their community.