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Visit by Steven Kambale on 2021-03-30

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Steven Kambale
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2021-04-15 09:18:16 UTC
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Steven Kambale
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2021-04-15 13:23:41 UTC
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10:06-19:15 (9 h 9 m)
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12:09-17:11 (5 h 2 m)
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4 h 7 m

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Borehole casting 
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Steven Kambale 
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Steven made a visit to kishaike village monitor the process of casting the new borehole which just drilled by Kibo Group. The group Draco company brought builder to work on the construction the borehole drainage system and concrete slub. Steven encouraged and mobilized the community leaders, water community as well as community members to be around site and see how they are constructing their new well. This will help them to know how they constructed their well and to how many pipes are installed into their new borehole. This will help them to have a clear picture,documentation and record. They put 7 new stainless pipes. After we held a meeting with the community members and told them to take care of the new borehole. They should also wait for two weeks before they can use the borehole so that the concrete constructed dry well. 
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2021-04-16 - Purpose: Tom will be laws in the village that will govern and guide the community on how to and use the borehole
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