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Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-04-14

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Chris Bulolo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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how to plant 
Chris yesterday went to buyange village to review how members dug the holes where they plan to plant trees. As soon as Chris reached the village, he was led around the community by mr Faruku one of the mobilizers checking the homes to see how members dug the holes. Amongst the homes he checked were for mr Majib, this gentleman is so passionate about planting trees that he decided to dig holes on 1 acre of land. His plan is to make his village known for planting trees, he says for long he has been dreaming of planting more tree, despite being being tossed around by the government officials trying to get some seedlings , he kept his dream alive until the opportunity presented its self when Kibo introduced Mvule program in their community. Mr majib had dug well the 2*2 ft holes , meanwhile they seemed to be so close to each other meanwhile however Chris advised him to put a distance of 15 meters apart, Chris left him attending to his holes while he joined the rest of the community in meeting. Among the issues discussed during the meeting include loving one another, how to help the elderly in the community and how they will continue conduct the establishment of their leaders, the discussion was in light of recent developments of planting trees and digging of the holes in preparation of planting trees . The need to plant trees has been generated by the fact that their is rampant cutting of trees and other needs associated with planting trees which include high demand for charcoal , timber and furniture however, the ultimate logic of unity of the community is loving one another . Chris was happy to note that the meeting reached a clear conclusion regarding the next course of action for the community. On his way back, Chris went to nawaibete to continue with discussions about writing their constitution, Chris carried the sample of constitution to guide him how the constitution should be. Chris found the members already at the venue , he thanked members for sacrificing their time to attend the meeting. The meeting resolved that before they can go on, they should elect both the vice chairperson and the treasurer to spearhead the constitution writing. The members through their chairperson assigned the secretary to start writing the constitution and promised that by the end of this month they will be binding the constitution. Chris encouraged the members to use the platform Kibo group facilitating for them to air out their views , he said it is through their views that the con will be a binding document. Among the issues discussed were finances, savings, group sustainability and group economic activities, the members agreed to work Toto see that their constitution is complete by the end of this month. Chris will be going back to Buyange and Nawaibete on 21/04/2021, in Buyange Chris will be guiding the establishment of leadership in the community group while in Nawaibete he will be continuing with discussions about constitution writing.r 
Next Visit
2021-05-05 - Purpose: Take trees for planting as well as establish their group leadership
Program Success
Yes , more members have joined in, they are preparing are plant trees.
Program Critical Needs
Tree seedlings because the community is ready to plant.
Program Ownership
The members dug the holes without being persuaded, they involved their family members when deciding where to plant the trees.
Other Program Observations
The safe kitchen stoves are doing very well, members appreciate so much.
Program Expected Of Village
The community members were instructed to register their names and the number of trees they want to plant, Chris also encouraged the members to continue digging holes and putting manure .
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To prepare the seedlings as well as well as encouraging the community members to register their names and the number of trees they plan to plant.

Report Photos

18468 Buyange village , Chris guides Mrs khadija how to dig a 2*2 hole to plant the tree seedling. Chris moved home to home reviewing how members were getting ready to receive the trees.
18471 Buyange village, members in discussions about how to make the community one of the greenest in district. Members resolved to start encouraging each other to dig holes and prepare for trees.
18483 Nawaibete village, standing on right is the chairperson of the group, he encouraged the community members who came for the meeting to make their constitution and be registered by the government.