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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-04-14

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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HIV/STDs and Mothers 
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Learning Objectives
Both men and women get to know the different HIV/AIDS symptoms affecting women and girls. By the end of the lesson, The community knows what Mother to child transmission is By the end of the lesson, the community knows why women are at a higher risk on getting HIV than the male counterparts.
Introduction Lorna went to Mpumiro village to continue with the topic HIV Awareness. In today’s lesson, we were able to look at women and HIV AIDS that is why women are at more risk of contracting HIV than men. Overview On the way to the village Lorna informed the chairman that she was in her way there and he gave her a go ahead. However, when we arrived the village the previous day, there was a funeral and so even today some community members were still sleeping at the funeral home mourning. However we got to mobilize a few people around and they came around 2pm when we started the days lesson. We started by carrying out a review as we waited for other community members to join us. Lorna asked for 2 representatives to remind the whole group what it was that we learnt in the previous lesson. The review was in prevention of HIV and Disease progression. In today’s lesson however we looked at Women and HIV . Lorna asked the community whether it was true that women are at more risk of getting HIV than men and they said yes especially the men . Lorna mentioned today it was what we were going to study about . However before that she mentioned to them the different signs and symptoms of HIV found in women and young infants. She mentioned that these signs are rarely documented anywhere but it’s important that we know so that one can get checked up or treated. Lorna mentioned the signs which were ; lower abdominal pain which are recurring, cervical cancer , heavy long periods or irregular periods, vaginal yeast infection , among others. While in infants was stunted growth, white spots in the mouth among others. Lorna said that the signs may be for something else but never the less asked that in case of the symptoms they needed to get treatment. After here we looked at mother to child transmission. We looked at the different ways a mother can transmit HIV to their child and these were through ; breastfeeding, during pregnancy and during delivery . Lorna was able to explain all these stages and also Ayub managed to explain the during delivery stage where he encouraged mothers to always prioritize giving birth in the hospitals because at home it’s not safe. We looked at how long an HIV mother should breastfeed and why which was at 6months and then introduce other foods and while here if she is having sex, she needs to use condoms. After here we looked at those reasons that put women at risk and Lorna asked the community for the reasons. Ayub said women trust witch doctors/ traditionalists so much that if they are sick, they go there and they are deceived about everything and take away their assests. He said he was once a traditional doctor and he can witness . He said instead of them going to the hospital,they treat themselves using the herbs which puts them at risk. Lorna gave them an example of the student at Kigalama who had an ailment but having failed to pay up al the money required, the witch doctor asked for the daughter to be his wife which the mother agreed to. This girl was the third wife. Lorna asked did anyone know each others status?, they said no and there fore we see that she could have easily got infected. Lorna however mentioned that we got to rescue this girl from what could have destroyed her life. Other reasons were women admire allot of things and so in admiring these things, they are easily lured, Nabirye mentioned that women find it hard to negotiate condom use and are therefore overpowered by their male counterparts. Girls easily falling victim of Rape, defilement put them at risk . Lorna mentioned forced marriages, lack of access to information concerning their health, long distances to the health centers, fear/taboo talking about sex, payment of bride price which makes women like property to the men. Other biological factors like; women having a wider mucous membrane than men, the Cavan receiving larger quantities of fluids than men, having an internal sexual organ where it’s not easy to know when they are infected with Sexually transmitted disease which put them at risk among others. Conclusion Even if it was true the community members were still mourning the loss of one of their community members, the community members still managed to come. Lorna thanked the community members for coming and gave some condolence to the nearest family member and apologized that she couldn’t go there because of time but to send her condolences. Lorna gave them the homework for the next week on HIV and STDs 
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2021-04-21 - Purpose: To teach in the lesson The relation between STDs and HIV.
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