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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-04-14

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bulyowa Primary School 
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Your Goals 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the participants about the importance of having a goal.
Introduction Manuela went to bulyowa village to educate the community members about life stories. This is another exercise to encourage participants to think about their features This lesson is aimed at educating community members to I gimme a satisfying and happy future that what they may be going through , participants are encouraged to avoid activities that may fails them from achieving their features goals. she also planned to teach about goal setting, this lesson is aimed at educating community members to have a goal and adopt qualities that can enable them to achieve their goals. Overview When Manuela reached the village, as usual she found some members already seated waiting for her, they were happy to see her, and they gave her a seat, she greeted them and asked them that where are the rest of the participants, they told her that they will soon come, after some time they came. The lesson started, Manuela asked the participants questions about the previous lessons learnt, some participants shared their ideas after that Manuela introduced another lesson about life stories and goals setting. Manuela started by asking the participants that how many people have a goal for this year and what are they? Some participants mentioned their goals for example like a goal of building , paying school fees, using scientific way of farming and among others. After taking their suggestion, Manuela told them that there are short and long term goals, short term goals are set within few months for example, I want to finish my exams in the coming month. Then the long term goals are set for many years for example in five years, I want to become a doctor. Manuela went on and told them that, to achieve all the goals that they have set, they need to follow qualities that will enable them to achieve all their goals. Manuela went on and encouraged her participants to learn how to have a plan for their features so that to live healthy life. Life stories, after that, Manuela introduce another lesson, about life stories, she told them that it’s good to share life stories so that they can learn from one another so that they are never stressed. One of the participants called Simon share his past stories about what he went through when he was young , he said that his mother left them while young and his father married another wife, the second woman mistreated them badly whereby she would deny them food if their dad is not around, but in the midst of all that, since he was the eldest he was strong so that his youngest sister should not losses hope. He went on and told the participants that what annoyed him was when his father wanted to marry off his younger sister to some rich and old Muslim men yet they were still young, he decided to run away from that home along with his sisters , he took them to their mother’s side far away from his fathers village they stayed there all of them for some good years , theirs uncles took them to school, life became easy because most of his uncles are educated so they knew value of education. they went to school though they did not study further but at lest they tried. He concluded by saying that he doesn’t want to be the same like his father. After that Manuela asked the participants what have they learnt from that story? They responded that suffering is not the end of life, some said that being patient is the best way to go, another’s said that they should not see a girl as married material, they should go to school too. After that another participants narrated their stories too for example one side for him he wants to be a responsible person in this community, he said he has three daughters and two boys but he wants to educate all his children till degree level and they get jobs so that they will take good care of themselves and him as his parents, some of the participants also responded also me also me. All in all, four people shared their stories but some were related. Finally, one of the community member appreciated Manuela for bringing that lesson because he has learnt that he is not the only one that went through hard life, it’s like they are many and they look happy people, from today he told Manuela he is going to leave the past and plan for the best for his family members. Manuela appreciated the participants who managed to share their past and feature stories, she told them to take everything they hard seriously and put in to consideration, she gave them homework on the causes and effects of early pregnancy and marriage among both boys and girls in their community. After all the event of that day, Manuela told the driver to bring out the 60 bars soap of which she took for the community participants, before giving them she told them that they should not be expecting because this is a one times offer, they were happy to receive and they appreciated Kibo Group at large. Manuela gave to regular participants first then later to the rest. 
Next Visit
2021-04-21 - Purpose: To educate the participants about the causes and the effects of early pregnancy and marriage among young girls and boys.
Program Success
Yes, women competing with the men in giving answers.
Program Critical Needs
Manuela needs to encourage the men to participate in large numbers.
Program Ownership
Community members doing their homework.
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
The community members will be working on their home work.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Manuela will be reading and working on next lesson to teach.

Report Photos

18489 After teaching, Manuela gave the 56 participants each a bar of soap, they were happy but Manuela told them not to be expecting it all time because it’s just a one time thing.
18498 That man was explaining about his life stories, he was talking about how he suffered when he was still.
18501 Manuela was explaining to the community members about the importance why they encouraged participants to share their feature and past stories.
18504 Manuela was giving the participants home work on early pregnancy and marriage.
18507 That woman was also telling her stories.