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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-04-19

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2021-04-19 06:13:57 UTC
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Life Skills Education and Counseling non-teaching lesson

Life Skills Education and Counseling 
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family outreach 
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Introduction Manuela went to Kagulu village to continue with the previous lesson then teach the participants about the value of education, this lesson is intended so as to remind the parents that educating a child dose not mean getting jobs only, but also to achieve the knowledge and skills that will help them in feature. Due to the rampant unemployment problem in Uganda, most parents are giving up in educating their children because they see it’s a wastage of time and money, that is why it’s very important to educate the participants about value of education so that they see the impact of education out their children. Overview when Manuela reached the village, she did not find any body apart from chair which were there and she was shocked , she stayed in the car for 15minutes then one of the participants came around and she asked her what is wrong? Where are people, she said they will come but they just went to the trending center to attend to their elected leaders who come to appreciate the community members for electing him and he has brought something for them. As she was explaining that to Manuela, actually she was also heading there. But she told Manuela not to leave they are going to come back and study. Manuela waited for the community members only 18 came back the rest where still enjoying the music, Manuela taught them as few as they were. She started by asking them about the previous lesson only few managed to share their ideas after that, Manuela continued to teach the about personal hygiene, she was emphasizing on the importance of washing their hands after using latrines and before handling food to avoid germs and disease like running stomach and pain. After that she taught about the importance of staying clean during their menstrual period, Manuela told the mothers around to take the lesson seriously and teach their daughters about this, she even told them to provide sanitary pads for their girls so that they stay in school than home also to don’t go on asking boda boda men to give them which may result in to early pregnancy and marriage yet they are still young. She even asked them how many among them that do provide pads for their children only 3 parents out of 18, Manuela told them to start giving so that they don’t get problems as mentioned above. After that Manuela taught the community members about the value of education, as she was introducing that lesson one of the community member said that they are tired of educating their children because there is no job, they remain the same as if they didn’t go to school and the rest of the participants supported asking Manuela to teach something else than that lesson about education. Manuela did not listen instead went on explaining to them about the value of education. She told them that, that should not be their reason of not educating their children because education means a lot for example when a child is educated, she or he acquire knowledge and skills that will help them in feature, a child who is educated will always look different from the ones who are not educated in terms of discipline and behavior in the community. After explaining that to parents some of them started to understand she even told them there is time for everything. Immediately Rain disrupted this lesson and Manuela plans to continue with this in the next visit. She told them to keep time and come in large numbers. 
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2021-05-03 - Purpose: To continue with previous lesson on value of education and teach about the bridge model.
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They will be working on their home work
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Manuela will be reading and preparing notes for the next visit.

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18492 Manuela was explaining to the participants the importance of educating their children.Unfortunately today Manuela found few participants due to political influence. But she taught them though they were few.
18495 Manuela was reviewing the previous lesson on personal hygiene, in that photo she explaining to them importance of keeping their homes and them clean.