Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Busene

Visit by Martin Kibuuka on 2021-04-16

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Martin Kibuuka
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2021-04-21 05:43:28 UTC
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Martin Kibuuka
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2021-04-21 07:22:50 UTC
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10:00-06:40 (-4 h 40 m)
Village Time
12:05-15:10 (3 h 5 m)
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-7 h 35 m

Household visits

Which Survey
Number Of Households
Visits Purpose
To met with the village leades. 
Staff Attendees
Martin Kibuuka,Steven Kambale 
Government Attendees
Martin and Steven were in Busene, their intention was to met with the local leaders, to discuss about is program in that village. They all to the meeting place, at fast they had un opening prayer by the parish VHT, after that they had a speak from the Chairman LC1 in that area. In his speak, he was just welcoming in his village. He said that, he have been hearing kibo and their programs in many villages in Namutumba District. And he have been visiting one of the villages kibo working in that they doing good and better work. In their discussion, the village leaders suggested that they going to put much effort, to encourage the community members to work on their home facilities. And they also said they are willing to work with kibo in any program. Martin and Steven told the meeting that they are going to walk home to home, encouraging the residents about the standards and maintenance. And kibo staff asked them about the days like Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which is free and not busy them. They said that Friday is the good for them and not so busy, the meeting agreed on that day. And the kibo staff told them that they are walk home to home, but they not going to arrest them, because many villages fear sanitation programs, in the government policy, they don’t encourage but they just arrest the residents. So the nest trip, they are going to start following up and encouraging the residents about the home facilities. 
Next Visit
2021-04-23 - Purpose: Follow up on the new home facilities.
Program Success
The village leaders came to the meeting place.
Program Critical Needs
They need more encouragement about timing.
Program Ownership
They came on their own without forcing them.
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
The village leaders are going to make a follow up on their own without kibo fast.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the village leaders and hear about their arrangements.

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18582 Martin and Steven was discussing with the village leaders, how they are going to work in that village.