Mvule Community Development - Kitukiro

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2021-04-16

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo,Chris Bulolo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham and Chris met twenty one Kitukiro community members and the purpose was to discuss how they are going to do poultry as a community. They found them already saving some money because every Friday each saves according to his or her income, they have been giving soft loans to the members who want to use the money and bring with some small interests. They are doing many things like making bricks which they want to burn and sell them so that they can have money in the group to give more members who want soft loans. They have been struggling to get one thing they can do best because Abraham had told them to have one thing they think is best so that they can do a research on it instead of doing many things which they do not have experience. They came up with poultry project which they want to concentrate on and do some research on it. Abraham thanked them for the work they are doing and advised them now as they have suggested poultry project to be number one in what they are going to do as a group to think about how they are going to get the funds for buying the chicks and where they will put a chicken coop. They will have to discuss how they will working together sharing the labor because some members may not show up for the work leaving one member where there is a chicken coop to do the work then when something comes out they are the first to say that they share the profits and yet they contributed nothing in caring for them. They said they are going to burn their bricks and they agreed every coin which will come from the bricks will be for buying chicks and they want to start with one hundred chicks so that in future they can grow big as they gain the experience. They are going to be discussing about where they will put the chicken coop, the materials needed to construct it and how they are going to work so as they can share the labor. They are also going to met or call the Bugaya CDO and find out about their certificate. 
Next Visit
2021-04-23 - Purpose: To meet all group members and discuss how they will do poultry, the group was split into two because of coronavirus and now they save money differently. They have to come up with how they will do poultry as one group or separately.
Program Success
They are continuing with their savings
Program Critical Needs
To call the CDO about getting their certificate
Program Ownership
They want to start poultry
Other Program Observations
They are working on hygiene and sanitation
Program Expected Of Village
To go and meet the CDO and discuss about when to get their certificate
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the chairman and get the update about their certificate

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18771 Kitukiro members they save two thousand shillings every Friday
18774 The list of some members and how much they have saved
18777 Abraham discuss about how they are going to do poultry as a group