Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ibaako

Visit by Enock Madolo on 2021-04-14

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Enock Madolo
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2021-04-19 06:55:50 UTC
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Enock Madolo
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2021-04-21 11:28:28 UTC
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09:54-17:46 (7 h 52 m)
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11:54-15:59 (4 h 5 m)
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3 h 47 m

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To check on sanitation improvements 
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Enock Madoolo 
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Enock made a visit in this community more so in the lower section near the swamp area where some people in this village where lagging behind. When I reached this community I asked the chairman and VHTs to walk in the lower section so that we can encourage, monitor and evaluate the progress of sanitation improvements in this section. As we walked to the lower section we also check on the homes along the route we where taking, we saw some good constructed latrine structures well built with cement and sand as well as burnt bricks. The residents here have also understood the core values of roofing the structures which gives the structure more strength. I was was so impressed to see an old man who for long had a latrine hole but not constructed on. Some weeks ago we encouraged there relatives more so the sons who where staying in the neighborhood to help them construct a latrine for there father who was practicing open defecation. The sons saw how they where ashamed and promised to construct a good latrine for there father. When we visited today, the latrine was fully constructed and built with brick walls and planning to construct a roof. We walked to homes near the swamp area and saw a great changes in those home which for longtime they didn’t have latrine most people have embraced the program and working forward to accomplish all the sanitation facilities in there homes. The local leaders and VHTs have been so supportive in this program as they also walk around even though the kibo wash team is not on ground. I continued emphasize and empowering them to continue taking the lead in this community even when kibo is out of this place. This visit agave us a picture to carry out the last evaluation survey as we saw tremendous change. There has also been increase in hand washing as I saw 20 new hand washing stands also some didn’t have cement on them, I encouraged them and taught the importance of cementing the new hand washing stand to give the structure strength and sustainability. It’s a rainy season where most families spend a lot of time in the garden since it’s the most economic activity done. I also told the residents to roof there latrines because most latrines may break down or fall due to heavy rain storm. As we were discussing I gave them an example of one of there fellow residents who lost their latrine due to poor construction and no roof. 
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2021-04-23 - Purpose: To conduct the last evaluation survey and know the actual data for sanitation improvements and start focusing on the remaining homes if available.
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18819 This is a home which is well smeared and has a good shower areas.