Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2021-04-23

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Water Community Meeting

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Henry Oyier,Walyomu Alex 
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Alex and Henry went to Butabira purposely to guide the community as they enact their borehole bylaws. Usually this meeting involves everyone to participate since it’s themselves coming up with laws to guide them as they use their wells. This village now has two boreholes, one drilled by the government and the latest by kibo group. Alex encouraged the village members to use one water user committee to manage both wells and every welcomed the idea from Alex. Both men and women worked very hard and agreed on 11 bylaws that all people were willing to follow for good management of their boreholes in the village. After a very long meeting involving a lot of arguments, they all came to consensus and vowed to follow the bylaws that were enacted. The men in Butabira dominated the meeting but in a good way promised to help their wives draw water from the borehole. The community members were very happy that kibo group guided them to come up with these bylaws that help everyone take good care of their wells. Henry also encouraged the village to respect the bylaws they have formed and asked the men to also help their wives get water from the borehole. Also they were encouraged to maintain their sanitation and hygiene standards in the village because it’s the main reason why they had to get addition of a new borehole to be able to keep a safe water chain in the village After the meeting, the village members moved to the new borehole and opened the borehole. Everyone was happy to enjoy pumping the borehole the first day and as Well get to taste the new water from the new borehole. Henry together with the village kids pumped the borehole filling the first jerrycan. The village was happy seeing the kibo country director get to pump and open their borehole. All people were encouraged to take good care of both boreholes in the village and remain working together n all the village programs and Kibo’s programs to come in the village. The village has already contributed some of the materials required for the wall fence construction like sand and the bricks but will be waiting for Kibo’s contributions next month before the wall fence is constructed next month. 
Next Visit
2021-04-30 - Purpose: Meeting with the water and sanitation committee members to prepare for the borehole wall fence and to encourage more on a safe water chain.
Program Success
The village members are willing to maintain a safe water chain.
Program Critical Needs
The community needs to take full responsibility towards managing their boreholes in the community.
Program Ownership
There is a very active sanitation and water user committees in the community working together to encourage all village residents to maintain the required sanitation and hygiene standards in the village
Other Program Observations
The safe kitchens program will be starting soon.
Program Expected Of Village
To continue working together to make sure the borehole wall fence is constructed and to also mobilize each other for meetings with kibo staff.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To plan going back to meet with the village sanitation and water committee to prepare for the borehole wall construction and plan to introduce the new program

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18822 Alex W and the country director Mr Henry were in Butabira to guide the village to come up with bylaws for their two wells.
18825 The community members in Butabira both men and women participated well during formation of bylaws
18828 Henry together with the village kids pumped the new borehole during the first day when it was opened for the community to start using it.
18831 Henry pumping the new borehole in Butabira with the village kids. Everyone was happy to start using the new borehole
18834 A total of 11 bylaws were enacted by the community members that everyone must respect