Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kishaike

Visit by Steven Kambale on 2021-03-16

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Steven Kambale
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2021-04-22 11:06:02 UTC
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Steven Kambale
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2021-05-03 05:46:25 UTC
Trip Time
09:34-19:15 (9 h 41 m)
Village Time
11:49-17:07 (5 h 18 m)
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4 h 23 m

Household visits

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Number Of Households
Visits Purpose
Drilling survey 
Staff Attendees
Steven Kambale 
Government Attendees
Steven went to this village to monitor the process of drilling a new borehole given to the community by Kibo Group. When Steven reached this community, he met the drillers already setting their machines to start drilling. Steven called the chairman, the Vhts and committee members to witness the drilling process. The community members were so excited to reach the much anticipated day of finally getting safe water, The process started smoothly because everyone one carried out their responsibilities as assigned to them by their leaders. Some members were assigned to prepare something to eat for drillers while others were assigned to take care of the materials on site. The drilling process started at 12 pm and by 5pm they had drilled 62 meters but still they had not reached the water level . At 5:30 pm the DRACO engineers and Steven realized they were hitting dry and it was getting late for that reason they decided to halt the drilling process however Steven and the team resolved that they would carry out another survey to get another location on 17/03/2021. 
Next Visit
2021-03-17 - Purpose: To make another survey after hitting dry .
Program Success
Program Critical Needs
We need to survey another site for drilling.
Program Ownership
The community members took the responsibility of taking care of the drilling machines.
Other Program Observations
Community members are preparing for the stoves program.
Program Expected Of Village
To keep the drilling machines safe until the surveyor shows up.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To contact the surveyor and plan to get another location of borehole drilling.

Report Photos

18897 Kishaike village, Namutumba district, in the photo above, community members look on as drilling pipes are being assembled to start drilling.
18900 Kishaike village, Namutumba district, in the photo above ,community members look so disappointed as the drillers failed to reach water.