Mvule Community Development - Buyange

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-04-30

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Chris Bulolo
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2021-05-04 08:55:37 UTC
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2021-05-20 11:50:42 UTC
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10:04-06:42 (-4 h 38 m)
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Tree delivery

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Mvule Community Development 
Chris went to this village to supply the tree seedlings for members to plant since it is a rainy season. Trips like these normally start by making sure the trees are well arranged to be transported very well, the village leaders are informed about the intended visit a day before they prepare the members to receive trees, Chris set off at 10 am , when he reached the village he found 38 members who were waiting for the trees, Chris observed how eager the members were when they saw trees in the car, the women led by Mr farida tamwenda sang songs of thanks to Kibo for giving them the trees. The chairperson of the village Mr Muhammad who took the lead in mobilizing the members thanked Kibo for joining the rest of the world in conserving the environment however the chairperson cautioned the members to make sure they plant trees and take care of them as Chris has been teaching them. Chris emphasized the importance of planting trees to the community members, he said trees are verr important to our lives because they give us oxygen Chris also said planting and taking care of trees equates to producing children and taking of them so that in future they are able to take care of their parents . Chris then led the members to Mr Hakim’s garden to demonstrate how to plant the trees, Mr Hakim had prepared the holes and put the required manure where he wanted to plant at least 5 musizi trees. By the time Chris left the village members had started planting their trees however Chris promised to come back on 5/05/2021 to follow up and check how the members planted the trees. 
Next Visit
2021-05-05 - Purpose: To make a follow up and check how the members who received trees planted them, Chris will be giving back advice on how they can build a cage around their trees to keep them safe from animals and kids.
Program Success
The community members finally received the trees and where happy to plant them.
Program Critical Needs
More lessons on how to take care of trees are needed.
Program Ownership
I found the members gathered and were eagerly waiting to plant them.
Other Program Observations
The stoves they built are helping the community save firewood as narrated by Mrs Farida.
Program Expected Of Village
The members who received trees are expected to have planted the trees very well before Chris could go back to mama follow up.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To phone call the community leaders to follow up and see how the members planted trees.

Report Photos

18927 Buyange village, Chris demonstrates to members of buyange village how to plant a tree.
18930 Buyange village , the members who received trees join Chris for a photo grab, they were so excited to receive trees from Kibo.