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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-04-30

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2021-04-30 07:06:33 UTC
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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Lesson Taught
Alcohol and Drug Use 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the participants about the dangers of alcohol to human life.
Manuela went to Bukoma village to review some of the previous lessons and evaluate the community members on what they have learnt. This time Manuela decided to do in group, Manuela first met with the men, she would ask them questions and they would answer it was fun when Manuela asked them to explain their answers so that the rest of the participants can also understand. While Manuela was talking to them she encouraged them to take good care of their children and educate them and also love their families. After that, Manuela met with the group of women alone , Manuela met only her regularly students, she would asked the women and since they are sharp, they answered her well, she spent less time with the women than the men, the women were bright and answering the questions well. Most of the questions were answered well, but some were not but in the midst that she would help and explain it better. While explaining that a woman by the name Margaret said that for her she will keep on with the lessons more especially during any community gathering she will go on , she requested for some lessons, Manuela told her that she will send her some copies through Ida. After that, Manuela met with some men and the women at the same time, here Manuela started by asking the participants questions about the importance of Life Skills, they said it was good because they have got some good information that will enable them to educate their children as well. Then she asked them why was other members not coming they told Manuela that, they told them that apart from Skills they didn’t get anything tangible that is why they didn’t come. Manuela said it’s up to them. Then she started talking the participants through the assessment, she would asked them and they would answer though sometimes they would wrongly answered but most of the answers were correct. Finally she joined the whole group together and told them that she was leaving that village going to another village, then they started bagging her that don’t go that they still want to learn Manuela told them openly that she has been burning fuel hopping that they will change and start coming for the lessons but all in vain, Manuela told them that it’s too late , she is going, but among the participants one of them decided that for her will continue since she is the women leader in that Incase of any community gathering she will always pass some information to people around. 
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18975 Manuela was evaluating her students on the previous lesson.
18978 After meeting with the men, she also met with the women too, evaluating them on the previous lessons.
18981 At some point, Manuela decided to meet some men and women, still she was evaluating on the previous lessons taught.