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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-05-03

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Steps in Making Good Decision,Your Goals 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the participants the importance of of having a goal and coming up with good decisions making.
Introduction Manuela went to Kagulu village to teach about the steps in making good decisions and also the importance of having a goal in whatever they do. This lesson is aimed at educating community members to understand the importance of coming up with steps in making good decisions that will promote goal setting. Overview When Manuela reached the village, this time she found few members waiting for her, she greeted them after that she waited for the rest as she prepared to start her class. Manuela started by asking the participants about the previous lessons which was on the Bridge model, some members tried to share their ideas on that and after that. Manuela told them that they are going to learn about steps in making good decisions and goal setting, Manuela went on and told the participants this lesson requires their plans for this year and what they will need in Oder to achieve their goals. She asked them that what are decisions making? One said it can be a plan, another one said a state of thinking about something, then Manuela told them that it means a process of making a choice between what is wrong and what is good, and she told them that for a person to come up with a good decision, he or she must follow all the steps in making good decisions, then she asked them again that what are the steps in making good? They said pray, decide, think. Manuela went on and added some like to ask for advice, she told them that they should ask their friends about what they want to decide on, because sometimes it’s good to get new ideas. She told them even while making a decision they need to think about their families and religious beliefs before they can decide on any thing so that their decisions are never affected, she also told them that they should listen to all advice but should not allow to be decided for. She went on and told the participants that in whatever you decide on they should be read to face the consequences and take actions, first of all you must be ready, she went on and told the participants that it’s good to follow step in making decisions so that they are guiding well during that time of making decisions. Manuela was teaching along side with a student who is planning to take over this program and also teach in other villages because the life skills is so educative she said. While she was teaching, she encouraged the men and women to work together Incase they are planning to decide on something that is going to benefit their families. After Manuela introduced another lesson on goal setting, she asked them what are goals and how many types of goals do we have? One of the participants said that goal are plans and she asked them that how many participants have goals they all lifted their hand, Manuela asked them again that what should they do to achieve their goals, one woman said that if the goal is about agriculture, that means they should make sure that they have good seeds to plant, weed in times and do all what it takes to have good harvest. Manuela also explained to them about the type of goals, she said there are two types goals, we have long and short, long means plan of years, for example in fives years I want to become a doctor after finishing my studies. Then the short one means plan within month for example in three month I want to harvest my beans. While about goals setting, Manuela told the participants that many people set goals but because they have failed to follow behavior that will enable them to achieve their goals they end up not achieving it which is not good, so she encouraged them to always stick to positive behavior that will help them overcome challenges and achieve their goals. She told them that it’s good to have a goal because it enable individuals to work hard because they know there is something to finish, she did not forget to advice the men to work together with their women while setting goals because they also may have brighter idea on the suggested goals. She even advised the parents to always ask their children about their goals on their education, students need to have goals so that they can work had and meet their brightest feature. Finally, she told them in the next visit, participants will share their future stories and past ones. 
Next Visit
2021-05-10 - Purpose: To teach about life stories.
Program Success
Program Critical Needs
The men need to be encouraged to attend Life Skills program.
Program Ownership
Keeping time and doing home work.
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They will be doing homework.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Manuela will be working and preparing for the next visit.

Report Photos

18984 The following are the participants who that they have goals for this year and they are going to achieve their goals sine they have learnt on to stick to positive behavior.
18987 Manuela was teaching along side with this young who just finished her s.4 and planning to take skills to her school.
18990 Manuela was explaining the importance of making goods steps in making good decisions.
18993 Here she was emphasizing on the importance of having a goal in whatever they do or plans to do.