Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Butabira

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2021-05-06

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2021-05-06 07:27:20 UTC
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lc1 meeting,goals and objectives 
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Harriet Kefeza,Walyomu Alex 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Alex Walyomu and Harriet went to Butabira village to introduce the Healthy and safe kitchen program to this community. This was intended for WASH which has been the active program in this village to introduce the healthy and safe kitchen staff to the community. This also was to help the community to easily connect WASH and Healthy and safe kitchen program .This also would work as an easy mobilization tool for the participants to participate in the healthy and safe kitchens program because they are still excited about Kibo after having received the well. They reached in the village and found a few participants waiting at the meeting place . Harriet requested Alex to walk around some homes in the community to assess whether participants has all the requirements needed for the Healthy and safe kitchens programs like shower areas, latrines, and kitchens. Interestingly most of the homes they randomly visited had all those facilities and some participants. They later come back to the meeting place and found when all the participants had already already gathered at the meeting place. The chairperson LC1 thanked every one who had turned up for the meeting and requested one of the community member(Enock ) to pray before the meeting begins for the Lord to guide everyone during the meeting. Kibo staff (Alex W) thanked the community leaders for having mobilized the community members for the meeting and every one who spared some time to come for the meeting.He also told them that kibo is bringing to their village another program because they have performed well in WASH program though they had some struggles. He then asked Harriet to share with community the package she had carried for the day to Butabira. Harriet begun by welcoming everyone to the meeting and for having worked closely with WASH , she also requested them to be attentive , listen to what she has come to teach them and to actively participate in her lesson. Harriet asked the participants to discuss the challenges they go through as they cook food for the family.she requested both men and women to share so that they can work together to come with possible solutions. Participants said that they face a lot of smoke in the kitchen which has caused most of the women to suffer from chest and eye problems. The women also said that because of the smoke in the kitchen the men don’t want even to join them in kitchen to help them cook food instead they sit outside and keep on demanding food from their wives. One participants called Beth said that some times their children get burnt as a result of cooking on the traditional three stones fire with their children in the kitchen . At times children step on firewood and food / water spills over the children thus burning them and once they get burnt the men don’t sympathize or understand the cause of the accidents instead they blame or even batter them. One man called Okello also said that some women are un hygienic ally clean where by they blow their nose as they cook food,they sweat a lot as they cook . This forces them to stay a way from home until food gets ready to avoid seeing all this which may kill their appetite. Harriet then asked them to discuss what could be the solutions to all those challenges. They suggested that if their husbands could help them take care of their children as they cook food it would reduce on cases of fire accidents. The men also suggested that if the women would improve on their personal hygiene and the general hygiene of the kitchen they would be attracted to stay home and probably help in domestic work.They also said that the Smokey environment also pushes them a way from the kitchen and requested that if they would be a solution to that they would work together in the kitchen. Then Harriet told them that the program she works for is called the Healthy and safe kitchen program that aims at empowering the community with knowledge and skills on how to improve their hygiene in the kitchen through teaching about smearing, firewood storage, food storage in a kitchen,stove building which eliminates smoke in the kitchen, cooks food first, uses less firewood as well as limits the cases of fire accidents. When the participants heard about this they were all excited and wanted kibo start building stoves in their village the next day. Harriet told them that before the practical stove building they need to go through a couple of lessons preparing them before they start practical work. She also asked them to suggest the time, date and venue for the next meeting which is convenient for all of them. The participants agreed the next meeting to be 12th May 2021 at 12:00pm. 
Next Visit
2021-05-21 - Purpose: To discuss the goals and objectives of the Healthy and safe kitchen program/ gender roles and responsibilities.
Program Success
None because this is the first time the program is visiting this village.
Program Critical Needs
Need for stoves because most people cook on open flames.
Program Ownership
None because the program is still new in the village.
Other Program Observations
Sanitation and hygiene standards have been improved.
Program Expected Of Village
Mobilize each other for the meeting.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Prepare the next lesson.

Report Photos

19023 Butabira village. Kibo staff( Harriet in a blue shirt) introducing the healthy and safe kitchen program to the participants.
19026 Butabira village. The participants by show of hands agreeing on the time,date and venue for the next meeting.
19029 Butabira village. During the introductory meeting for the Healthy and safe kitchen program ,Kibo staff(Alex Walyomu in a red shirt) encouraging the community members to participate in program the same way they all participated in the WASH program.