Mvule Community Development - Buluvu

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2021-04-30

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Abraham Mulongo
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2021-05-02 14:27:48 UTC
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Abraham Mulongo
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2021-05-03 04:49:48 UTC
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10:05-17:45 (7 h 40 m)
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12:55-15:15 (2 h 20 m)
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5 h 20 m

Tree delivery

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Abraham Mulongo,Alex Bamulumbye 
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Mvule Community Development 
Abraham and Alex Bamulumbye met twenty five Buluvu members and the purpose was to take trees for them to plant. The chairman LC1 told the meeting that there some members who had asked for more trees according to the list but whatever they have received they will divide them as they decided in the last meeting. He asked the members to wait for Muslims were still praying in the Mosque and the members agreed. When those who were in the Mosque came then they decided to start receiving their trees. Abraham and Alex B went through the planting lessons before they received the trees and all were still remembering the the distance from a tree to another which thirty meters or ninety feet. The chairman Mr Bumaali led the group to his home so that they can learn practical how to plant Mvule trees. They planted two Mvule trees while the community was watching and learning so that when they will go to their place they know what to do. There was one member who wanted to plant five hundred trees but Abraham and Alex B advised especially with Mvule not to plant many because they grow big and when the branches overlap then you may not be able to plant anything underneath it because of the shade. They told him with other trees it is okay but also these trees from Kibo they want all village to participate in the exercise. They encouraged him that when the district forest officer will visit them in future if they care well for these they are going to plant he may give them more trees to plant. Then they went to Mr Kawaguzi Stephen and also planted four Mvule trees while the members were watching and told them to go and plant all trees that day. They all showed the interest for trees. 
Next Visit
2021-05-05 - Purpose: To check how they planted the trees to make sure they followed the guidelines
Program Success
They finished digging holes for trees
Program Critical Needs
To finish planting trees
Program Ownership
They came in a big number to get trees
Other Program Observations
They are keeping hygiene and sanitation
Program Expected Of Village
To plant the trees they received
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the chairman and get the update if all finished planting trees

Report Photos

19068 Parking trees ready to be taken to the village
19071 Abraham teaching the members how to plant Mvule trees
19074 Buluvu community members receiving their trees.
19077 Alex Bamulumbye teaching Buluvu members how to plant trees