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Visit by lorna katagara on 2021-04-30

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Manuela Ongyera
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2021-05-04 12:30:59 UTC
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2021-05-20 11:40:52 UTC
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10:10-17:30 (7 h 20 m)
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4 h 40 m

Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Lesson Taught
Facts and Myths about HIV/AIDS,How HIV/ STDs are Transmitted,HIV/STDs Prevention,Steps in Making Good Decision,Early Pregnancy,Delaying Sex,What are Gender Roles?,Causes of early pregnancy,Dangers of early marriage,Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
Review all lessons with the community and phase out
Introduction Lorna went to Bukhana to review the life skills program and carry out a Life Skills Assessment on the Life Skills lessons/program before phasing out. Overview Lorna went to Bukhana village to review some of the previous lessons and evaluate the community members on what they have learnt. When Lorna reached the village, instead decided to move home to home and do an evaluation of the lessons taught during the course of the Life Skills lesson. Lorna decided to move in some few homes evaluating the life skills lesson. She moved to different groups with the evaluation test. In the first homes she met 2 women ; an old woman and her granddaughter. Here she went through some of the lessons since these two were not there at the start of the program . We looked at HIV/AIDS where she asked questions on transmission, prevention , women and STDs and we looked at early pregnancy and early marriages and Alcohol and drug abuse and its dangers. This old woman had an example of almost every lesson that Lorna was touching on. After here Lorna thanked her for attending the lessons and told her she was winding up the program . She was very great full to Lorna and Kibo for the lessons. Lorna encouraged her to teach her children as well. After Lorna went to the next home where in this home the community members surrounding this home just decided to join in as well. Also here Lorna mentioned that this was her last visit and the reason for conducting an evaluation was to get their understanding on the different topics / skills taught during the program. Here we also looked at values of education where Lorna asked and they answered , Early pregnancy, early marriages, Alcohol and drug abuse and its dangers where we saw that Drinking alcohol robs one of their time, resources and life. We also looked at the topic HIV/AIDS and Lorna searc out a few questions she asked the group. After here Lorna thanked them for attending the meetings and asked them to carryon these lessons before moving to the final group. In the final group, Lorna met a couple of people already gathered who were at the meeting place. Lorna mentioned she wasn’t going to teach but asked those that were there to remind her of the lessons under Life Skills that we have learnt during its course. 3 men gave a history of how the program started and that we started with Gender roles and then moved from that meeting place to another where we steadily continued with the lessons. Another mentioned on decision making, while another person mentioned that we learnt about HIV/AIDS . Lorna thanked them for remembering and took them through the evaluation asking them some questions as they answered including advising them concerning STDs. Conclusion While she was finalizing , a one Alex from VEDCO an organization joined in on the meeting. He found when Lorna was concluding the lesson and thanking the community members for loving the program and working with her but like that every good thing comes to an end. Ndabe introduced Lorna to him and told Lorna that Alex was teaching the community about farming and supplying seedlings to the community members. The chairman was great full for the program and mentioned they were grateful and lucky too because they have benefited from Kibo for a long time. But that they are also in luck because even though Kibo was leaving, another program was coming. Lorna encouraged them not to forget whatever they learnt and to carryon the program in their various gatherings like churches, mosques, savings among others. To use every opportunity they get. 
Next Visit
2025-05-04 - Purpose: Check in on the program status
Program Success
Parents realizing the importance of talking to their children , sharing gender roles and the importance of HIV/AIDS.
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
The community members loved the program and attended although late.
Other Program Observations
The borehole is functioning, most trees have grown although some goats died due to stray dogs.
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19101 During the home to home Life Skills Evaluation
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