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Visit by lorna katagara on 2021-05-05

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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HIV/STDs and Mothers 
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By the end of the lesson,
Introduction Lorna went to Mpumiro where she taught about the relationship between HIV and Sexually transmitted diseases. There is a very high risk of one who has an STD to catch HIV/AIDS as we will see in the overview. The reason for teaching this lesson is for the community members to not take getting an STD as something light but to be able to realize the need to treat it and if not treated the dangers it can cause. Overview Lorna together with Henry went to Mpumiro village . This was Henry’s first time in this village. When we arrived the village however, there was barely anyone at the meeting place . We sat at the meeting place and thereafter were met by a few community members who welcomed us to the village. We however decided to move to the site of where the borehole was drilled as a Henry wanted to take a look as we waited for the community members to gather. We found young children pumping water at the borehole and it was neat to see that kids that age could pump the borehole because when Lorna tried pumping it , it was so soft. On our way back from the borehole, we were branched to one of the homes where were able to see fuel efficient stoves one was built in a kitchen while the other was out in the open. We were curious to know how the idea of the stove got to this village but the lady told us that it was her sister from Bugweri district who came with the idea and built it for her. After here we went back to the meeting place. At the meeting place the community members had started to arrive . When we had enough quorum, we decided to start the meeting. The chairman gave opening remarks, a prayer was said and thereafter invited Lorna to teach them. Lorna greeted the community members but before starting her lesson, she invited Henry to greet the community members . Henry thanked the community members for working together because in working together, they achieve many great things for example the borehole. He urged them for the development of their community they have to put their differences aside and work together . He thanked them for working with Kibo ; Tom, Lorna and other Kibo staff. After that Lorna started with the lesson at about 2pm. Lorna started by asking the community members about the previous lesson. She asked for any volunteers to come up and remind the rest preferably a woman and a man. One old woman came and mentioned we learnt about women and HIV/AIDS and how vulnerable they are to getting infected. After her another Musa came and introduced himself asking the community members to pay attention to him. He mentioned to Henry that he had been to Kenya and worked there 15years and was very proud. He also reminded the group that women are vulnerable because they admire alot of things, overpowered when it comes to negotiating condom use, lack of information or access to information, young girls are prone to rape, defilement, among others. On the topic of the day HIV and STDs , Lorna started by apologizing to the community members that today’s topic may be sensitive but because of the importance of it , we were going to study about it. The community was receptive. Lorna told the community that many times relaying certain kinds of information is easy especially when married like pregnancy and other kinds of sicknesses but when it comes to STDs , questions are asked, feelings involved , and it becomes difficult. Lorna asked whether that was true or not. They said it’s true and the women chanted especially the men while men the women. Lorna asked whether it would be good to tell their partner that they had it. Both men and women were going back and forth women saying they can but men saying its women who hide the fact that they have it even infecting* them the more. One man said women can go to a funeral , meet their long term lover there have intercourse and come spread it to them. Lorna asked that we do not blame each other but learn. We then looked at the different Sexually transmitted diseases together with their signs and symptoms. We got to know gonorrhea,Syphilis, HIV/AIDS , Hepatitis as an STD . We looked at the common ones being gonorrhea, Syphilis, and of course HIV which is the bigger topic. The community knew most of the symptoms like; Pain while passing urine, white discharge from the genitals, swelling of the testicles, itching for gonorrhea while syphilis sores on the palm, feet, hair loss, abdominal pains, fever, chills, sores on the genitals, skin, throat, mouth among others. Lorna asked whether these STDs heal and some said yes , others no. Lorna added that it can only heal when partners are honest to each other and take their medicines correctly. She mentioned both parties need to take their medication otherwise they won’t heal as the STD will keep reoccurring. Lorna mentioned that one with an STD also has a very high chance of getting HIV than one without. It is therefore of great importance that they get themselves checked and treated. If the body has only HIV to deal with it’s easier than having STDs too because these weaken the immune system. In the discharge especially there is presence of white blood cells and this is where HIV likes to concentrate making it easy for one to get it if they don’t Abstain from sex, or use condoms. Conclusion We also looked at the dangers of not treating STDs like long term effects like blindness , still birth or even death for the unborn child. Damage of the liver, brain, heart, infertility, sterility, numbness, paralysis among others. We concluded by saying to prevent STDs, we need to first get a check up, use new condoms for every intercourse, be faithful to one another , have honest conversations and instead of blaming each other who infected the other since we learnt it’s got by intercourse, to go get treated. 
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2021-05-12 - Purpose: Lorna will be teaching on HIV and Human Rights
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HIV AIDS Awareness.
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We could see presence of hand washing stands, in one home we were able to see 2 stoves like the one Kibo builds. One in a kitchen and one was left out in the open although shielded with iron sheets from rain.
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Mobilize themselves
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19119 Lorna was listening to one of the community members responding to the men who were saying it is the women who infect them the men with STDs. It was interesting having them argue , disagreeing and agreeing with other concerning the topic of the day.
19122 This was taken during the review of the previous lesson
19125 Henry talking to the community members