Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Naibowa

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2021-05-07

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2021-05-07 12:19:34 UTC
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assignment check,follow up smearing,waiting 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet went to Naibowa and Ndalike village to follow up on smearing of the home facilities, stove usage, firewood storage as well as preparing these two villages for stoves and borehole commissioning . She begun with Naibowa village and when she reached in the village, she begun by walking around the few homes in the trading center to monitor progress. Interestingly most participants had smeared their home facilities while others who were lagging behind had also started smearing them. All the homes she reached had stocked firewood in their kitchens. However some homes had only smeared the kitchen and left the stoves un attended too.This had caused some stoves to crack.Harriet encouraged the participants to smear them to enable them look neat and last longer. Another interesting thing in this village was facilities that were destroyed by rainfall, the owners had started repairing which was so cool.For example Pastor Wilber whose kitchen was leaking and later broke down due to heavy windy rainfall. Wilber had started re- constructing another kitchen for replacement. Wilber also told Harriet that he is working with the rest of the members in the group to ensure that improve/ maintain their facilities. Harriet later proceeded to Ndalike village . When she reached in the village she was joined by Mr. Batuli who is one of the committee members. He volunteered to walk around with Harriet so that she inspects the Healthy and safe kitchens facilities. They walked through some few homes focusing on the homes in the upper section of the village. In this section most homes were found well smeared, had firewood well stocked in their kitchens, and were using their stoves on daily basis. This was evidenced by the absence of the traditional three stones fire in the kitchens and in some homes food was found cooking food by itself. One of the participants ( Nabirye) told Harriet that because of the Healthy and safe kitchen program, the men are able to help their wives to cook food together due to the abscence of smoke. She also added that because of the firewood storage stands that kibo taught them to make and stock them with firewood. They are not stressed of firewood during this rainy season since they have firewood stocked in their and the stove which uses less firewood. They were so thankful to kibo for the healthy and safe kitchens program.Kibo staff requested them to reach to other participants that she did not reach and encourage them Incase their facilities need to be improved. 
Next Visit
2021-05-14 - Purpose: To follow up on smearing of the home facilities, firewood storage, stove usage and repair of leaking kitchens.
Program Success
Most participants with dry stoves cook on them on daily basis.
Program Critical Needs
Encourage firewood storages.
Program Ownership
Most participants with dry stoves cook on them on daily basis.
Other Program Observations
Sanitation and hygiene standards have been maintained.
Program Expected Of Village
Smear the home facilities that were lagging behind.
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Prepare the next lesson

Report Photos

19173 Naibowa village. A kibo staff Harriet looking at the kitchen that the participants had already started smearing.
19176 Ndalike village. Kibo staff Harriet looking at a well smeared kitchen for Mrs . Batuli
19179 Naibowa village. A kibo staff Harriet in a blue shirt looking at the stove that had started cracking . She encouraged the own to smear it to prevent it from cracking and to last longer.
19182 Ndalike village. Food was found cooking food by itself in Mugote’s home.This shows how the home was using the stove on daily basis because there was no traditional three stones in the kitchen.
19185 Naibowa village. Harriet looking at Pastor Wilber’s new kitchen that is constructing after his former kitchen was destroyed by rainfal