Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kitukiro

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2021-05-10

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2021-05-11 11:32:45 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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ownership and sustainability,hygiene and sanitation 
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Steven Kambale,Walyomu Alex 
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Alex, Steven and the district water officer from Buyende water office first went to Bulinda to check on the status of the broken borehole in that village. This well has had so many challenges and as Kibo group WASH staff we have tried so many ways to have it fixed and has seemed very challenging. This joint trip with the water officer from the district was to get a way to find a solution to this broken well. However on a very sad note, the hole was found open when the plastic cover had been removed and exposed the hole open. This hole then was filled with stones by some people assumed to be kids from the village and now this has added more challenges to the problem of trying to retrieve the pipes that sunk into the hole. The water officer that observed the situation advised that it was very hard d to retrieve the pipes and suggested to forget about this borehole by decommissioning it. This was because it was very hard to fish out these parts due to the fact the hole is almost filled up with gravel. Almost all options on the table are very hard to use to retrieve these parts before reviving this well that was dug by kibo group. WASH team will have to sit once more and come up with a final decision and a way forward to either try other options or decommission the borehole if all fails. Alex together with Steven and the DWO then proceeded to Kitukiro village and their plan was to continue encouraging the village residents to meet the required sanitation standards and check on new facilities under construction. It has been almost a month since Alex and WASH last made a visit to this village but Martin Kibuka has been on ground helping his village and encouraged people to improve on their sanitation standards. He committed himself to help his village over the weekend and whenever he is back home he guides the village residents to meet the sanitation standards. Because of the rains, Alex and the team didn’t manage to walk around the village but just drove through the village to see what the village had done and saw a lot of houses smeared and new dish racks were constructed in the village. They then had a meeting with village chairman and his vice in a house to encourage them to continue being active to help their village meet the required sanitation standards and also also hear a report of what has been happening in the last few weeks. Martin kibuka has always given reports of the progress in the village and the leaders too told Alex and the team that there is a great improvement made for example, a person called Mboira has completed digging two new pit latrines in his two homes and his brother Micheal has also completed digging a new pit latrine. The village leader, Mr. Kaluya donated poles to people that didn’t have to construct dish racks and to put on the pit latrine as logs before constructing on them. This was a very welcome gesture because this speeds up the program in the village and the Alex thanked the chairman for the heart he has for his village and he has vowed to do whatever it takes to help his village improve. He has already completed working on all the required facilities in his home together with his vice chairman and the committee because they have to act as examples to the rest of the people in the village and help to speed up the program in the village. WASH staff will plan to conduct a second evaluation in the village early June to see the progress but the general need for water in this village and two surrounding villages need urgent help because it’s very hard for people to access water in the village. 
Next Visit
2021-05-17 - Purpose: To make a follow up on sanitation and hygiene improvements in the village moving home to home checking on new facilities constructed and guide on facility standards.
Program Success
There is a great sanitation and hygiene improvements in the village with many homes smeared and those that didn’t have pit latrines have dug new ones.
Program Critical Needs
The borehole in Bulinda has still so many challenges to get it revived and may be thought of to be decommissioned by Kibo and Buyende district water office after all options have been tried and failed.
Program Ownership
The sanitation committee in Kitukiro village led by the village chairman has remained very hard working and active to help improve the village sanitation standards.
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
The sanitation committee in Kitukiro have been encouraged to remain active by encouraging all the people in the village to meet the required sanitation and hygiene standards.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
The WASH team will meet to come up with a final decision on a way forward to revive the broken well in Bulinda and also plan to go back to Kitukiro and continue encouraging the village meet the required sanitation facility standards

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19206 Steven Kambale and the district water officer in charge of community boreholes in Buyende district look at the abandoned broken well and hole in Bulinda village. This well was drilled by kibo group but the recent breakdowns have put this well at the verge of being decommissioned
19209 Some community members tampered with this hole and removed the plastic covering exposing the hole open and even threw stones into the hole.
19212 Alex and Steven while in Kitukiro didn’t do very much because of the too much rains but managed to drive through the village and saw many homes smeared before engaging in a meeting with one of the village leaders in his house.