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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2021-05-05

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene went to naisamula village to continue discussing about the gender roles,importance of antenatal,postnatal and post abortion care and discuss about immunization. The meeting started with a word from the chairman, the VHT then Irene was invited to say a word to the members. Irene thanked the members for coming for the meeting, continued mobilization of other members and working with kibo, reminding the members to maintain their facilities because if not well maintained they will not last longer referring to the stoves,kitchens,latrines, water stands, taking good care of their animals among others not forgetting to revisit hospitals for proper medication and diagnosis. Irene then made a recap of the previous lesson continuing with gender roles basically the responsibilities of each individual especially the men when a mother is pregnant,during labor,child birth, and children under five. It was an interactive discussion where women gave the responsibilities of men and men giving the responsibilities of women like the women said it’s a man’s responsibility to take his wife to hospital, prepare the items requested for child birth, take care of the other children when in labor, and generally being their for their family as a whole and the men said it’s a woman’s responsibility to tell a man when she is not feeling fine because they don’t get pregnant so they can never tell what the women go through,house requirements,and other things that need funding. The group also discussed some of the barriers or reasons as to why the men neglect their responsibilities and among those discussed polygamy, poverty, illiteracy,among others in addition to that the men said gender equality has brought problems where by women have quickly adopted to it and the men just don’t want to go from their comfort zone because previously they were the ones to make the final decisions and the legacy moved from their grand parents. With all interactions the group further discussed some of the benefits of antenatal care and among the things discussed was the couple gets to know their status from HIV,blood groups, underlying diseases that may affect the mother and the baby, early preparedness for the coming baby,among others, young mothers getting to interact with those that have gone through the experience of child birth so as to psychologically get prepared,clear myths of child birth like using herbs to change the sex of the baby,bathing them to quicken labor, applying them in the private parts to soften the bones,dangers of home delivery, knowing the labor signs among others.Irene also explained the benefits of a mama kit demonstrating the different items in it. Postnatal and post abortion care was also discussed to be another maternal area that is neglected by most mothers yet its also Irene asked the mothers if they know and understand what needs to be done after child birth especially a few weeks after birth or miscarriage. Sandra said after the hospital they are told to tie a tight cloth around their pelvic region so that their abdomen go back to shape, zamina said they are told to boil herbs and when hot apply them on their pelvic region so that the clots can be expressed out and so many more traditional things that are done after child birth or abortion. Irene guided on the rightful things to be done, advising the mothers to avoid tying anything around the pelvic region so that the uterus can naturally and gradually get back in its natural state, avoiding harmful practices that may cause harm to their bodies like very hot herbs on their body can cause burns and she advised on the rightful practices that are recommended with a reminder of visiting the hospitals for return dates and Incase of any discomfort during that period. Irene also discussed the benefits of immunization demonstrating on the different sites to be immunized among the benefits of immunisation is that your child has the best possible protection against dangerous diseases which gives a peace of mind,Creates protection to the whole community,It’s more difficult for it to be spread to those who are immunized among others, among others, Irene also demonstrated on the different sites and vaccines given and encouraged parents to take their children and also go for immunization. 
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Health Education 
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2021-05-19 - Purpose: Irene will be teaching about breastfeeding and complementary feeding, challenges and solutions and also teach about diet or nutrition.
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19224 Naisamula village: Moses explaining some of the reasons men fail to play their roles especially visiting the hospitals with their wives.
19227 Naisamula village; Irene interacting with the community members some of the benefits of proper postnatal and post abortion care.
19230 Naisamula village: John explaining the reasons for lack of proper postnatal care amongst the men.