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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-05-17

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Lesson Taught
How HIV/ STDs are Transmitted,HIV/STDs Prevention 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community knows how HIV is transmitted By the end of the lesson, the community knows the fluids through which HIV is transmitted By the end of the lesson the community knows how HIV is prevented
Introduction Lorna went to Ikumbya to teach the lesson on HIV /Aids transmission and prevention. The objective of this lesson is to know how HIV is transmitted, what fluids transmit HIV and what one can do to protect themselves from getting HIV. Overview We started the meeting at 1pm with an opening prayer from pastor lubaale and thereafter the acting chairman gave his opening remarks. After the opening remarks, he asked the community members for a review of the previous lesson. Different community members mentioned different things they remembered from the previous lesson which was from the bridge model , history of HIV in Uganda, the immune system. Moses also came up and called a few volunteers to act out the Elephant game which represented how our immune system which composed of the white blood cells fights off diseases. Lorna was impressed at how much they remembered and thanked them for remembering and asked next time others should try also. After the review, Lorna added nothing to it but went to the lesson of the day HIV transmission and prevention because previously they did not get to learn this lesson because of the heavy downpour the attendance was poor. Lorna asked who remembered the homework which was the lesson for today and one man mentioned HIV transmission and Prevention. Lorna thanked them for remembering and mentioned that they were going to do what is called group discussions. The women were to discuss on HIV transmission while the men HIV prevention. Lorna asked the women to come together and the men to so that they could discuss then present to the group. After their allocated time was over we asked who goes first and the men mentioned women since it’s transmission first. The women chose a representative whom they clapped for as she went to the front to represent them. She introduced herself as Nabirye and went on and explained what transmission was and the different modes of transmission like ; through sexual intercourse with an infected person, through Accidents, she mentioned during birth, she mentioned sharing of sharp instruments, kissing when blood is involved, sharing toothbrushes among others . The two points that stood out for Lorna was ; sharing the same bathing sponge, scrubbing ones heel on a rock and another person also comes and scrubs their feet on the same rock. Lorna asked the rest of the community to clap for her and that she would comment later. It was now the men’s turn they did the same clapped for him as he went on to represent them. Moses also started by introducing himself and went on to discuss their findings among which were; the use of condoms during intercourse, avoiding sharing sharp instruments, circumcision and here the women asked whether those not circumcised are the ones that contract it but Moses explained that those who are circumcised their chances of getting HIV is minimal compared to those uncircumcised and even gave a demonstration. He added avoid domestic violence which leads to men and women finding comfort in other sexual partners and later come back home to infect the family, Avoid risky places like bars where there is a lot of temptations , getting tested for ones status, using condoms. Lorna thanked the community members for participating and asked how they liked it and the mentioned it is great. After that Lorna responded to their discussion and cleared the women’s point on using the same bath sponge and rock to scrub their feet which are myths. Lorna then looked at the right use of condoms and why people dislike condoms. She asked the community why people dislike condoms. One woman mentioned they irritate, another man mentioned it could get stuck in the woman’s vagina, another sweets are not eaten with wraps, another said it’s not enjoyable. Lorna mentioned that some of the reasons above are because the confines are not used rightly and Lorna made a demonstration of the correct use of condoms. She said when one goes out to get a condom they should look out for the shelf life, air space, open the condom well not just biting it because it can rapture it, role it out well on an erect penis at the right time not putting it on when one was far away because it will not be effective. Using a different condom for every sexual encounter, withdrawing as the man climaxes and proper disposal of the condom. We also used at universal precautions of preventing HIV. Conclusion Lorna thanked everyone for participating and summarized with 3 things to prevent HIV that is to Abstain especially for the children and even in Adults, be faithful to ones partner and discuss whichever issues they have that may lead one to go out and find another sexual partner and bring diseases to the home, use condoms correctly. 
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2021-05-24 - Purpose: Lorna will be continuing with the HIV /Aids topic looking at the relationship between STDs and HIV/AIDS
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Relationship skills
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Good participation and engagement
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They are geared up for the commissioning of the health and kitchens program and the WASH program
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Mobilize themselves
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19332 Men in their group discussion
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19344 These two were arguing about condom use that is who between a man and woman, who does not like to use condoms.