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Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2021-05-17

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham met twenty six Kivule community members and the purpose was to discuss how they are going to add new members to the group. This came because there are some community members who want to join the group. When Abraham reached members were seated scattered because there was son- in-laws with their mother’s in-laws. The chairman Mr Christopher told the meeting that that because there is son’s-in-laws together with their mother’s-in-laws they have not to be close to each other as they have been doing in the past meetings. In Basoga culture the mother-in-law is not supposed to sit close to the son-in-law. They brought in ideas who will joining the group and they agreed on certain conditions, 1- The one who want to join the group must plant five or more trees whereby the leaders of the group must check them to see that they are growing well. 2- He has to make sure his home is hygienic that to say he has a latrine, dish rack and rubbish pit. 3- He or she must pay ten thousand shillings and this money will be helping the group to renew they certificate with the government and they said they will be adding on as they continue discussing. One member called Ibula brought another issue about their pig they bought as a group and again it has produced eight piglets but two died and they are remaining six. He said that has they did to the first piglets it is good to start thinking what they will do with these piglets to give to other members or not. Abraham encouraged them to continue discussing about those who will want to join them in future even if they have come up with three things they think someone can do in order to join them. Concerning the piglets he advised them to do what they said at first that they want every member to be doing something in their homes. They gave out the other piglets to some members to take care of them they can continue doing that until all members will be working in their homes. Their idea is good because they want to share labor and also to make sure every member is doing something. Time had gone and that was pushed to the next meeting. 
Next Visit
2021-05-24 - Purpose: To discuss how they are going to give the piglets they got from the pig they bought as a group to some members so that they can also take care of them.
Program Success
The pig they bought as a group produced more piglets.
Program Critical Needs
To discuss who will be taking care of the piglets they got from the pig they bought as a group
Program Ownership
They want most of the members in the group to be doing something in their homes
Other Program Observations
They are working on hygiene and sanitation because there are new dish racks built
Program Expected Of Village
To be thinking about the members who will be taking care of the piglets they got from the pig they bought as a group
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the chairman to get the update of those who will be taking care of the piglets

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19479 Kivule members discussing about how they are going to get new members in the group and this time there was sons in-laws and mother-in-law that is why they were scattered