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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-05-10

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Exchange Stories Role Play,Your Life Stories 
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Ongyera Manuella,Chris Bulolo 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the participants about the importance of sharing their life stories.
Introduction Manuela went to Kagulu to teach about life stories, this lesson is aimed at educating community about the importance of sharing their feature plans and their past life experience so that they can learn from one another and move on more especially for participants who have similar stories. Manuela also plans to educate participants about role model this lessons encouraged participants to learn from their friends whom they admire and follow their qualities so that they build on. Overview When Manuela reached the village, this time she found few members waiting for her, despite of the weather some of the participants managed to leave their work and came to attend classes, during the class Manuela asked the participants about the previous lessons, few members tried to share their ideas about what they learnt previously. After that Manuela introduced the a lesson on life stories and role mode, Manuela by sharing her life stories and how she wants to lives in feature by sticking to her goals. Manuela ‘s stories was to educate the participants on how they will manage to educate their children as her parents did, Manuela told them that it was not easy for her parents to educate her and her siblings but through had work her parents managed to educate them, so she encouraged the participants to also adopt that so that they can educate their children for example Manuela encouraged them to make use of their lands and cultivate both cash crops and food crops using advance farming using fertilizers, do business so that they can get money to manage their families and educate their children. After that, another participants also volunteered to share his stories, this man said that when they were still young his dad used to marry women after women, his father had five women but his mother was the first wife and they had stayed in marriage for seven years, after that his father brought two women in her mothers house , things change, their father used to love them but no more love and care even their dad stopped providing for them food and other things , they stopped going to school actually every thing changed. He went on and said that they suffered a lot, he said, he doesn’t want his family to go through what he went through, he said he wants to marry one wife and have children whom he can manage to take good are of in terms of educating them , medical and among others. After that, Manuela asked the community members about the story, they said that they have learnt to be patience, suffering is not the end of life and they should not repeat the same problem to their children. Some of the participants where telling how they want their feature family should be. Another person also shared ideas, this woman said that she was married off to an old man as third wife, this man was a very rich man and well known in the community, she said that, she was not happy with her father but she has nothing to do, she said that she suffered a lot in that marriage, she gave birth to five children they never went to school also like her, time came she divorced that man went back to her parents but the dad told her to go back she refused, she told the dad if he forces her to go back she committee sucide . She went on and said that now where her children are, they are suffering because they are not educated, each time she wishes if she had gone school, her father would have not marry her off, she went on and said that her mother was not happy with her fathers decision but by then women were never had. She concluded by advising the parents to educate their children rather than forcing them to marry while still young. This lady said that, her dad died how she wish he was around and see what families who educated their children and enjoying from their children. After that Manuela also talked about role model, this lessons provide participants with an opportunity to clarify the characteristics and qualities admire and seek to emulate, she asked the participants that who is their role model, some of the participants sighted people in their community and out side community, then Manuela asked what qualities do they admire from them, they said their wealthy , behavior, their children and the way they are clean, the way they interact with their families and people in the community. Manuela encouraged them to set goals for personal life if they want to be like those one whom they admire. After that, Manuela also told the participants to live by learning from one another in a positive way. She even encouraged them to go with their children to parties like graduation parties so that they motivated to learn up to the university level even parents them selves can also gain hope and love in educating their children too. Finally, Manuela gave the participants home on the causes and dangers of early pregnancy and marriage among youth. 
Next Visit
2021-05-17 - Purpose: Causes and consequences of early pregnancy and marriage.
Program Success
Program Critical Needs
Manuela needs to encourage the men to come and attend Life Skills lessons.
Program Ownership
Participants working together on their home work given to them.
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Program Expected Of Village
Manuela will be working on their home work.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Manuela will be reading and preparing notes for the next visit.

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19407 Due to rain, Manuela and some of the participants taking their classes in chairman’s house.
19410 After the rain Manuela and the team came outside because inside they were too congested.