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Visit by lorna katagara on 2021-05-19

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson , the community will know the rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS
Introduction Lorna went to Mpumiro where she was to teach on HIV and human rights. Human rights are things that allow people to live equally, with dignity, freedom , justice and peace. It is because one is human, they are entitled to these rights. This lesson is therefore taught to enlighten and sensitive the community on rights of PLWHIV/AIDS. Overview When Lorna arrived the community there was no one at the meeting place because most of the community members were still in their gardens . The community members later came and the meeting started with a word of prayer and welcoming remarks from the chairman. After his remarks, he welcomed Lorna since time was far spent to teach them. Lorna greeted the community members and thanked them for coming however encouraged them to come in time in the next meetings. They however requested Lorna to change the time of the meeting to 2 pm which Lorna agreed to but if only they kept time but if they failed we would put it back to the same time 1pm. After this Lorna asked any volunteers to remind the entire group of what they learnt in the previous lesson. The chairman mentioned that we looked at the relationship between HIV/AIDS and Lorna asked they cops for him. Tumuhaise mentioned that they forget easily that at least for her she forgot. So we reminded ourselves where we mentioned that it is better for someone to Have only HIV but not stds because it puts less pressure on the white blood cells to fight against the other opportunities. The corelation here is that someone who has stds is at a very high risk of getting infected with HIV and therefore the best way is to stay away from sex and get treated for any of the infections. We went ahead and reminded ourselves of the symptoms of Gonorrhea, Syphillis, HIV and Hepatitis as some of the STDs. Lorna asked the community members to not hide these diseases from themselves as it may lead to bigger complications. After this we looked at HIV/AIDS and human rights. Lorna asked the community to give some of their rights as human beings and they mentioned a right to food, Health, Education, right to marry among others. Lorna asked whether persons living with HIV have rights too and they mentioned yes like any other person. She asked them like which rights?, the nabakyala mentioned a right to good food , Nabirye mentioned a right to not be isolated or stigmatized against, right of representation , association among others. Lorna thanked the community members for their answers. She mentioned that among the reasons why people affected by HIV don’t want to go test or share their status is that despite the fact that their is information out there unfortunately there is still stigma. Lorna mentioned in one way or the other each one of us has been affected by HIV either you know a relative, friend or lost a family member to this virus but it is important to know that these persons have the same right as everyone else. Lorna categorized these rights in 3 ways ; in the home , in the village , in school and the country atlarge. They looked at examples in each of these spaces for example at home ; how these rights are undermined is when the plates , beddings , of these persons are labeled, beds separated , sleep on rugs and isolated against, don’t eat food on time, don’t take medicine on time. In the village we saw examples like ; no freedom of participation, Association, no opportunity of leadership , no opportunity to be heard among others, At School ,we looked at children being stigmatized where Lorna gave an example from one of the schools Life Skills participated the boy was not well taken care of well and when Lorna found out she was told he had HIV but he was hungry had not taken his meds and was feeling ill but he wasnt being cared for. When Lorna asked the teacher it seemed it was normal. Lorna mentioned these children deserve the same care as every other child, like a right to play among others. In the country we looked at right to employment, right to health, right security, to marry representation among others. Conclusion When we looked at marriage and Lorna asked whether these persons have a right to get married ?. The community mentioned yes why not and Lorna asked what if today they found out that their partner had HIV would they still stay married? There was a silence and then one person mentioned they should marry themselves both with the same status and one woman mentioned it’s also her right to not marry that person. Lorna mentioned that it’s true what the lady had mentioned that everyone has their own right but also saying that they should marry themselves even though it’s true it’s also another form of stigma where it should be left to them to decide. Overall it was a great lesson , with great discussions Lorna thanked them and also the chairman thanked Lorna for the days lesson together with the community . 
Next Visit
2021-05-26 - Purpose: Lorna will teach on HIV /AIDS and behavior change which will probably be the last topic on HIV . They also requested more on discordant couples and Lorna hopes to tag with Manuela or Irene for this lesson.
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The community is still working on some facilities which are lacking
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