Mvule Community Development - Nabituluntu

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-05-17

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Alex Bamulumbye,Chris Bulolo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Chris and Alex b went to this village to gude the group members as they discussed about opening their group bank account, they met 12 group project committee members who have been getting ideas from the rest of group members about why they need to open a group bank account , the group members had a meeting last saturday where they all agreed to get a bank which will serve their interests well therefore Chris and Alex b had to make a trip to guide and also help them understand why they need to open up a group bank account , usually Chris and Alex first moved to homes of the group members before they could settle down for the meeting, the reason for this was to follow up how the group members live in their homes, are they loving and taking care of their children, are they loving their neighbors and taking care of trees as well, however the most important reason for this is to build a strong relationship with the community members, by the time chris and Alex b came back from the home to home visits, they found the 12 project committee nembers already seated , the chairperson of the group welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked thanked Alex b and chris for their commitment, the chairperson first updated Alex b and Chris on the progress of their puggery prije t before they could ptoceed with the days toipic, he said they were able to pay for two piglets which were arriving on 20/05/2021, he however encouraged the mambers to work together to see that the shelter is fully completed before monday next week, The chairperson invited chris to proceed with the day’s subject about opening a group bank account, chris first thanked members for coming to the meeting and for loving kibo programs as well, before he could go any further, he inqured from the members how they have been keeping money for future use, the teason for this was for chris to know whether members had a culture if saving money ,mr Kirya said he keeps his money by investing in buying goats and crops which he later sells and reinvests the money again however Mr moses and two other ladies said they keep their money in a small 2*6 ft box then put a padlock and keep the keys with the treasurer or by themselves if its an individual saving. Chris thanked them for having the idea of saving some money for the future however he said there are challenges associated with the way they have been saving their money, he asked the members to state the challenges they have been facing through keeping their money in the boxes, mr moses stated that one of the challenges was insecurity of their money, he said thieves can easily break into the hoise and still the money, he said one night some people broke into his house while he was away and they went way with the whoke box with his money in side thats why he encourages the members to thiink of better and secure ways of keeping their money, chris said one of the best and secure ways of keeping money was through the bank, chris said the bank gives interest on the savings and it is easy for the group to get a loan for investment if the group want to, chris continued and said money on the group account has three signitories making it impossible for one individual to withdraw without their consent, chris encouraged the members to keep on thinking about opening the group bank account however, chris said this was not only about group accounts but theybshould also think about saving their individual money in the bank because money in the bank is more safer than money in the house. It should be noted that opening the grouo bank account is optional, the grouo may chose not to open a group bank accouns and may opt to invest their money in animals and farming. Alex b encouraged the members to have a big dream of making sure their project stands the taste of time through working together and loving their project, chris and alex will be boing back on 31/05/2021 To continue guiding the group members as they discuss about opening the bank account, the members requested to go back and consult each whether they will need the bank or not, chris and alex will discuss about what they should expect from the best bank and what the bank expects from them too. 
Next Visit
2021-05-31 - Purpose: To continue guiding the group members as they discuss about opening the bank account, the members requested to go back and consult each whether they will need the bank or not, chris and alex will discuss about what they should expect from the best bank and whatbthe bank expects from them too.
Program Success
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The members took the initiative to srart having meetings in absence of kibo staff.
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
To fill the piggery house with husks before they can put in the piglets on 20/05/2021.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To engage the group project commitee to keep encouraging group members to keep working together and love one another.

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19458 Nabituluntu village , Chris and alex b during discussions about opening the group bank account, members are aware that theor group will grow and will start getting some money so they want to open their group account were they will be able to keep their money.