Mvule Community Development - Buyange

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-05-19

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Chris Bulolo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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commitee formation 
Chris went to Buyange to help guide the community members establish their leadership, he found 27 members at the venue who included 13 women and 14 men , the chairman Mr muhamad welcomed chris and everyone who came for the meeting. After thirty minutes of introduction by the members , the chairmam emphasised on the role of leaders they were about to elect, he said being on the Kibo community group committee is not a salary paying job but a humanitarian role one has to play to make a difference in his or her community therefore he cautioned the incoming leaders to desisit from thinking kibo is going to pay them but to know that they are playing a leading role of developing their community as residents of Buyange village. The chairman also stated that Kibo invests alot in making trips which includes hiring cars, buying fuel and buying lunch for the staff and therefore the community should also play its part in partnering with kibo in developing their area, the chairman said patnering does not mean kibo just brings programs for the residents but it means the residents have to play their part like coming to meetings , writing their constitution and electing their leaders, the chairperson then welcomed chris to go on with the day’s program. Chris first analysed to members the qualities of a good leader , chris wanted members to know what to expect from the leaders they were going to elect, among the qualities chris put much emphasis was being able to mobilize the community for meetings, chris said most groups lag behind because their leaders lack good mobilizing skills therefore he called on community members to look out for leaders who carry respect and are able to mobilize the community in case there is a meeting, chris then called on members to nominate names of people they thought were able to lead them, the posts included Chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer, publicity, and two mobilizers, after nominations, the members then voted by show of hands, to avoid any controversy, chris asked those who had been nominated to move away and come later after elections, the voting exercise moved on smoothly and the following were the results. Chairperso -Mrs Kagoda Vice chairoersn-Mr Gamali Secretary-Mr Majib Treasurer- Salumini Publicity-Mr Farouk Moblizer_Mr kaweeru mobilizer- Mrs Madina After the elections, Chris welcomed the newly elected chairpern to give an acceptence speech, Mrs kagoda thanked the members for choosing her as their chairperson and pledged to work together with the rest of elected leaders to make sure their community gets a difference however she called upon her fellow leaders to cooperate and join heads together , she said this was the only way they will be able to partner with kibo , chris ended the meeting by thankingnthe new leaders for accepting their roles, chris will be guiding the community members as they estabilsh their bylaws to guide them during meetings and as they take care of trees. 
Next Visit
2021-05-26 - Purpose: To guide the comunity members as they come up with their bylaws.
Program Success
Yes , the group members elected their committee leaders , the new leaders accepeted their new rolesa given to them.
Program Critical Needs
More trees are needed, some members’ trees were stolen from their gardens and their is alot of pressure to replace the stolen trees.
Program Ownership
The members have been checking on their neighbors to see how their trees were growing.
Other Program Observations
The members are using teh stoves and apreciate kibo for that.
Program Expected Of Village
To continue taking care of their trees as they mobilize each other for the next meeting.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To prepare the roles of each committee leader.

Report Photos

19506 Buyange village, in the photo above chris poses with the elected committee leaders, at this level, the community group starts to take shape , they start to decide when and where to hold meetings , the bylaws to guide them during meetings and what activity they can work on together as a group.
19509 Buyange village, in the photo above shows some of the members who came to elect their committee leaders.