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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-05-24

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Delaying Sex 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the participants about the importance of abstinence to their children.
Introduction Manuela went to Kagulu to teach about the importance of abstinence. This lesson is aimed at educating parents and children about value of abstinence to their children today, during this lesson parents are going to discuss about how virginity was valued in the past and how it’s valued today, so Manuela advised them to educate their children about the importance of abstinence while still young so that when they grow up they will keep them selves till marriage. Objective By the end of the lesson, parents will be knowing the reason why some youth says yes to sex and why others say No to early sex practice. Parents will be to know know the difference ways of delaying their children from practicing early sex. Overview When Manuela reached the village, she was excited to find people already seated waiting for her, Manuela greeted them and she took her sit, the secretary of the group open the meeting the with a prayer, after that Manuela introduced the lesson to the participants but before she can start teaching on the new lesson, she asked the participants about the previous lessons, few participants managed to share their ideas on the previous lesson after that Manuela introduced the lesson, she started by asking the participants to explain to her how abstinence was valued in the year of eights and seventh one of the woman said that during those days girls were asked for marriage before they have started having sex so they would marry them off while still in fear of theses girls start to having multiple sex with boys. Another woman also said that during their years, Virginity was much valued in the way that if a girl gets married and if she is found virgin, the parents of that girl where highly respected and they would pay a lot of animals in appreciating theses parents for keeping their daughter properly, even the unte would be given a goat appreciating her for being a good unte. But if the girl gets married and found that she is not Virgin , then the parents of the girl were seen as parents who don’t take good care of their children, they would give them few animals just for the sake of marriage , no respect even the unte would not get the goat, so that indicates that parents mostly the mother were to nature their daughters well so that earn respect from in laws and in the community. After all that explanation, Manuela asked now how is virginity valued today in Africa they today, they said there are so many reasons why virginity is not taken as something serious. Then Manuela asked them to sight those reasons, they said since children are sharing Rome’s with their parents and sometimes they listen to what their parents are doing they think they should also try, they think everyone is doing it so they should also do it, not giving their children what they require and that makes them go out and asked for help outside in return they pay for that in sex, girl joining bad peer groups, parents mostly the mothers sending their daughters for gifts and in return sex which is not good, sometimes the young girls fear being refused by their boys friends that is why they ted to give in , in fear of that. They went on and said that for them parents they think kids are learning that at school yet in some schools they don’t teach that, that is also a gap among them parents. Manuela went on and asked participants that besides some girls says yes but there are girls who says no to sex, what makes them say that, they sighted that some youth say no to sex because they fear to get pregnancy, they fear disease like sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, their family and religiously belief also can make them say no, even when they Want to finish their studies and others. After that Manuela told them that she knows in busoga, sex is a taboo but she urged the parents to forget about the taboo thing but let them try and teach their children about sex education so that they can know effects of early sex practice and also they will learn ways of delaying sex. Finally, Manuela gave them home work on the effects and causes of alcohol. 
Next Visit
2021-05-31 - Purpose: On that day, Manuela will teach about dangers and causes of taking Alcohol and drugs.
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They will be working on their home work
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Manuela will be reading and preparing notes for the next visit.

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19527 Manuela was seriously teaching the parents about the importance of delaying sex for their young girls and boys. She was also telling them to forget about sex taboo.
19530 That woman was explaining how virginity was valued in the past.
19533 That woman was trying to explain how virginity is valued today.
19542 After long seat, Manuela requested the participants to stand up for an ice break.
19545 Manuela was explaining some of the Skills trying to make their children delay sex.