Administrative - Kampala

Visit by Roy Mesigwa on 2021-05-07

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Roy Mwesigwa
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2021-05-26 08:18:54 UTC
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Roy Mesigwa
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2021-05-26 08:18:54 UTC
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07:00-19:00 (12 h 0 m)
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10:00-15:00 (5 h 0 m)
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7 h 0 m

Administrative Visit

Kampala Office
NGO Board 
Office Location
Kingdom Kampala Towers 
Not given. 
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Not given. 
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Purpose of Visit
Submit IRF forms, Go to attorney 
Visit Report
Roy met the lawyers to pick up the Kibo Group Lubas Rd. land title. Roy was given the title and he brought it to the C.D. Roy took the I.R.F. forms to the N.G.O. Bureau. The forms to the bureau needed ammendment and Roy returned them for the necessary alterations. 
Next Visit
2021-05-11 - Purpose: to resubmit the I.R.F. form. It was accepted and received. Roy was told to return in a week's time to pick the certificates.
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