Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Naibowa

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2021-05-19

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give parting gifts 
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Alex Bamulumbye,Harriet Kefeza,Jeska Nairuba,Walyomu Alex,Akurut Diana 
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LC1,VHT,Parish Chief,Other 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet,Alex Walyomu,Jeska,Akrut,Alex Bamulumbye together with the government officials ( the CDo and the parish chief) went to Naibowa village to commission the stoves and the borehole . The main goal for this field trip was to commission the borehole that kibo group had drilled in this community as well as to launch the stoves and give incentives to the active participants participants to the healthy and safe kitchen. Kibo staff involved the government officials because they wanted them to observe,see, witness what kibo had done in this village as well as to encourage the participants to sustain kibo programs. They reached in the village and found when the participants eagerly waiting for them at the meeting place. They warmly welcomed kibo staff and the Government officials with songs of unity and success by working closely With Kibo. Kibo staff, Government officials and some participants walked around the village to see what kibo together with the community had done in this village. It was an interesting moment where by the participants who used to run away from kibo staff when they went to their homes to see them inviting kibo to their homes to show them what they had done. They were thanking kibo for teaching them the value of having home facilities which encouraged them to construct them and use them. All the homes had all the sanitation and hygiene facilities in place, had fuel efficient stoves that they were using on daily basis, had smeared their facilities, stocked firewood in the kitchen this was a sign to show how much they valued these facilities. Also there was no open deification in the village meaning that all homes were using pit latrines. They later came back to the meeting and found when more participants had also gathered for the meeting.The meeting begun with an open prayer that was led by pastor Wilber who thanked God for providing journey mercies to kibo staff when ever they came to their village. The chairperson LC1 welcomed every one who had turned up for this meeting.He went ahead to report on the activities that kibo had done in his village and these were: Mvule community development program that gave every one Mvule trees that they planted , every member was given a goat . The goats produced and some participants exchanged goats for cows. Community empowerment programs that helped their families to love one another and well as learnt how to manage hunger thus reduced cases of domestic violence in this village. He also mentioned about Water Sanitation and hygiene program that taught the community about the value of having sanitation and hygiene facilities. He added that before kibo came to their village there was a lot of open defecation because most of them did not have latrines unlike now because every one has a latrine that he or she uses. He added that after the community improving its hygiene, kibo realized that the community was water stressed that led to suffering from water related diseases like diarrhea, bilharzia, typhoid among others.kibo addressed their need by repairing one of their broken well and drilled for them another well. The chairperson also said that kibo went ahead to implement the healthy and safe kitchens program in their community where by they taught them how to build fuel efficient stoves that uses less firewood ( instead of a woman looking for firewood three times a day now fetches firewood once a week) , cook food fast through cooking two things at ago, safe for children hence reducing the cases of children getting burnt,vents out smoke thus reducing the diseases caused by inhaling smoke like Tuberculosis.He added that there is improved” marriage relationship “ because the kitchen is now comfortable for men to cook with their wives in the same kitchen unlike before they got stoves. Because of the benefits of kibo programs a big number of men participated in its program because they believe for development to be achieved both men and women must work together. The chairperson said that kibo is currently teaching Life skill education and counseling lessons to in Naibowa village. He added that because of kibo programs that have been implemented in this village there is increased unity, improved marriage relationship,reduced diseases thus leading to community development.He concluded by thanking kibo for implementing all these programs in his village and the government officials for the partnership with kibo and allowing them to work in their village. After that report the community was very excited they acted drama showing they life they were living before kibo started working in their village and the current life after kibo had implemented all these programs in their village.This was very encouraging to see that the community recalls the life they were living before and the current life. Harriet together with the rest of kibo staff present thanked the community for being cooperative and working closely with kibo group. She added that today they all celebrate success due to team work. She also thanked the Government for permitting kibo group to work in this village that has led today’s success. She told them as kibo group through the Healthy and safe kitchen program has brought two community saucepans that they will use as a group and soap to every one who participated in the healthy and safe kitchen program. She added that these saucepans are to keep them united, think of more ideas that they can add on these saucepans for further development. She added that Incase some one in the group had a function he/ she should be given these saucepans to use and for some one outside they can even decide to rent them out and bring money to the group. She also tasked the community to continue thinking on what else they can add on the saucepans for further unity and development. Kibo staff handed over these incentives to the community as the government officials were witnessing. Alex Walyomu led the community and the Government officials to officially commission the well. Then the CDO(Babirye Barbra) on behalf of Kamuli district thanked kibo for the programs that it has implemented in this village. She also thanked the community for being cooperative more especially the men for actively participating in all the programs.she asked the community to reach at Subcounty so that she can guide them on how to benefit for more government programs like UWEPO( development fund for women) Emyoga( community development fund for small businesses) The function concluded with a meal that was shared by community,government officials band kibo staff as a sign of celebrating the success in their village. 
Next Visit
2021-06-02 - Purpose: To carry out evaluation for the Healthy and safe kitchen program.
Program Success
Most participants have smeared their home facilities and cook on their stoves on daily basis.
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
Most participants cook on their stoves on daily basis , have smeared their home facilities and had stocked firewood in their kitchens.
Other Program Observations
Sanitation and hygiene standards have been improved and maintained . They build a strong brick borehole fence.
Program Expected Of Village
Continue maintaining their home facilities.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Prepare the next lesson.

Report Photos

19650 Naibowa village. Kibo group( Alex walyomu,Harrietkefeza,Alex Bamulumbye,Akrut Diana , jeska Basoga together with CDo and the parish chief handling over the borehole that kibo drilled to the community.
19653 Naibowa village Kibo staff(Harriet between the CDo and the Parish chief) handling over two community saucepans to the participants of the Healthy and safe kitchen program.
19656 Naibowa village. Kibo staff handing over two Community saucepans and a piece of soap to the active participants of the Healthy and safe kitchens program. They did this as the Government officials (CDo and the Parish chief ) were witnessing. This was a sign of appreciation for the hard and team work during the implementation of the Healthy and safe kitchen program.
19659 Naibowa Village. A kibo staff Harriet showing the government officials how the fuel and efficient stove works.
19662 Naibowa village. The community acting a drama showing how they used to suffer from diseases caused by open defection.