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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2021-05-19

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene went to Naisamula to teach about breast feeding,complementary feeding, benefits,challenges,solutions and on addition to that to also teach about gastrointestinal worms. The meeting started with a word of payer from the mobilizer Sara who also thanked the members for their turn up, encouraging members to Mobilize other members to come for the meeting. Irene was then invited to say a word. She started by welcoming the members who had come for the meeting, made a review of the previous lesson, and then introduced the lesson of the day. What is Breast feeding? It’s when the mother gives the baby milk from her breasts said Moses, on addition to that Irene added it’s a normal way of providing babies with the nutrients they need for growth and development. All mothers can breast feed provided they are in good condition,have the exact information and support from the family members and community as well said Irene. Irene continued to say colostrum the first sticky milk is highly recommended as perfect food and should be initiated within the first hour after birth,mentioning some of the benefits of breast feeding as has antibodies that help the baby to fight against diseases,reduce the risk of diseases said Sarah,promotes a healthy weight Sid Maria,helps the mother’s uterus to contract,reduces the risk of breast cancer and saves money in the home among others. Challenges to proper breast feeding were also discussed like ill health and death of the mother,lack of experience on how to breast feed,pressure from in- laws,poor hygiene and breast abnormalities among others, eat a healthy meal Irene suggested as she gave some of the solutions to the challenges,mothers also need support from relatives and the community said klovesi, create an income generating activity,get support peers,and also go for postnatal services for check ups and support. Irene also discussed complementary feeding,as an addition to breast milk when it’s not enough to meet the nutritional requirements of the infant,mothers introduce solid foods and liquids giving examples of soft foods that babies need to eat and on addition to that the foods have to be frequent so as to meet the babies stomach size,give energy needed,available,clean,not too light so that it can stay long in the stomach. Some of the benefits Irene discussed included proper physical growth,mental development, wellbeing for the entire lifetime. On addition to that Irene also discussed about the gastrointestinal worms. These are parasite that infect the intestines of the human and other animals like ring worms which the members described in the local language for all to understand,pin worm,hook worms,thread worms,among others,how do they enter our bodies, through the feet,eating half cooked meat and raw vegetables,contaminated water,walking bare footed as the major ways. Zakaya asked is it true that worms are only found in children? No Irene said in both children and adults and with the following signs discussed like anal itch,restlessness at night,mucus stool,distant abdomen,diarrhoea,among others members said they have had some of them and then Irene suggested they should take the following precautions like washing hands before and after toilet use,before eating wash hands,eat well cooked food,avoid walking with bare foot,and always go to the hospital for routine deworming and check up. 
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Health Education 
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2021-06-02 - Purpose: Irene will be teaching about personal hygiene,oral hygiene,menstral hygiene,and skin infections.
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19707 Naisamula village: One of the village mobilizer Sarah saying a word and welcoming the members to the health education lesson.
19710 Naisamula village; Irene explaining the chain through which worms enter our bodies to the community members.