Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Nawampiti

Visit by Suzan Winnie on 2021-05-21

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Suzan Winnie
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2021-05-21 13:47:41 UTC
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Lorna Katagara
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2021-06-01 13:57:05 UTC
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10:04-17:30 (7 h 26 m)
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12:26-15:12 (2 h 46 m)
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4 h 40 m

Kitchens all groups

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follow up smearing,teach raised storage 
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Suzan Keddi 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Suzan went to Nawampiti village to follow up on smearing of the home facilities,construction of firewood storages and repairing of some kitchens roofed that needed repair. This time she wanted to concentrate in the upper section of the village. She reached in the village and was received by one of the committee member Yakobo who volunteered to walk with her through the homes of the participants in order to see their progress. They walked over 29 homes and most of them had smeared their home facilities ,those who were lagging behind were encouraged to do so since for one to get a stove she’s/ he must have all the home facilities smeared. Some participants had the firewood storages in place, som were empty and Suzan encouraged them to stock them with firewood . She also reminded them on the importance of stocking firewood which they can use during the time of scarcity or during the rain season. Sh went a head and told them that having firewood stocked in the raised stands it helps their kitchen to look organized and neat. Those who lacked firewood storages promised to put them in place and stock them with firewood having learnt the value of having them. During the follow she also came a cross One of the participants Nabirye with a heap of grass that she was taking to the meeting place to be chopped in order to be used to build stoves. She encouraged the community to continue chopping grass that will be used to build stoves . The participants in the upper section thanked Suzan for reaching out to their homes which was so encouraging. They also promised to improve in the weak areas and to actively participate in the healthy and safe kitchens program because it will directly benefit them. 
Next Visit
2021-05-26 - Purpose: To continue teaching participants how to practically build stoves.
Program Success
Participants have embraced smearing of their home facilities.
Program Critical Needs
Need for stoves because most participants cook on open flames.
Program Ownership
Not yet because the program is still new.
Other Program Observations
Sanitation and hygiene standards have been maintained.
Program Expected Of Village
Continue mobilizing each other to participate in the program.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Prepare the next lesson.

Report Photos

19734 Nawampiti village. This is one of the well smeared kitchen in the upper section.
19737 Nawampiti village. This lady (Nabrye )is carrying grass to the group to be chopped. This grass will be used to build stoves.
19740 Nawampiti village. One of the well stocked firewood risen stand.