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Visit by lorna katagara on 2021-05-24

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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How HIV/ STDs are Transmitted 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the community knows what STDs are , their signs and symptoms
Introduction Lorna went to Naibowa to teach about sexually transmitted diseases. We looked at the common STDs in the community being gonorrhea , Syphilis, HIV, hepatitis. The importance of this lesson is for the community to know the signs and symptoms of STDs so that they can treat it and know that if they don’t there are consequences. Overview When Lorna reached the village , it was threatening to rain but Pastor Lubaale had put chairs under tree. We sat with Lubaale wife chatting about how the handover of the stoves program went and the WASH program. We were later joined by other 3 people and they were all saying they thought I would be at the phasing out but I told them unfortunately I could not because I had to be in another village. It however started to rain and we had to run off to the church building for shelter. Unfortunately each time it rains our attendance is affected however it did not stop us from going on with our lesson. At the church we waited for other community members to join us and then started the meeting. The meeting was opened with an opening prayer and then the chairman opened the meeting welcoming Lorna and thanking the community members for coming to the meeting despite the rain . He asked different members to remind themselves of the previous lesson. Muyodi reminded the community that we looked at the HIV prevention and transmission. We were able to remind ourselves of the different ways HIV is transmitted and the ways we can prevent from getting infected with HIV among which was being faithful to ones partner, use of condoms. A teacher from the nearby school talked about why people say findings are not 100% effective and reminded the community on the demonstration Lorna made in the previous lesson. After the review, we went on to our new lesson of the day the relation between HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. Lorna went on and asked the community what these sexually transmitted diseases were and they mentioned them. Lorna asked whether anyone has even gone to the nearest health center and checked themselves of STDs and no one raised their hands. Lorna went on and asked if it was important to check for STDs and one man mentioned that yes it was necessary because if we did not check then one is at risk of getting HIV. Lorna asked to clap for him. Lorna then asked the community members what the different signs and symptoms of these STDs were; for gonorrhea we looked at ;thick discharge from the sexual organs both for male and female, pain during passing out urine , painful swollen testicles, pain during sex, loss of hair. Lorna mentioned for Syphilis it has 3 stages and when it gets to the third stage the effects may not be reversed like brain damage, heart problems ,paralysis among others. Other symptoms were; painless sores on the genitals, tongue, lips , rectum, rash on the palms and feet , fatigue, fever, aching , feeling sore. Hepatitis symptoms which the community barely knows that it’s sexually transmitted . Symptoms like; passing out dark urine, vomiting, fever, headache, yellowing of the skin , pain in the abdomen among others which Lorna mentioned that hepatitis is in 3 categories A which heals with medication while B and C don’t heal but has treatments available. Lorna then asked how can we prevent these STDs?, they mentioned using condoms, not sharing towels or under clothes, and most importantly getting tested. Lorna asked whether Syphilis and gonorrhea heals and some said yes while others no. Muyodi a health worker mentioned that it can only heal when both parties are treating themselves and staying away from sex. He added it takes about 1-2 weeks to heal. Muyodi also mentioned to Lorna that he has an STD kit which is used to treat STDs. Lorna asked him to bring it to the meeting in the next lesson. We added that if one does not treat these STDs and goes ahead having sex they are at a very high risk of contracting HIV than that one who has not STDs.this is because of the wounds found in the is therefore safe to get treated together and earlier as a couple. Also that for a pregnant mother if left untreated can affect the baby , they can go blind, die or have deformation. Conclusion To conclude our lesson we had 4 volunteers role play how to inform our sexual partners to go get tested for STDs and the other letting their partner know that they have an STD. It was creative watching the community come up with different ideas and skills to convince their partners to also go get tested for an std . Lorna urged them to use these skills and others to stay healthy. The chairman and community were grateful for this lesson and promised to tell the rest what they learnt. 
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2021-05-31 - Purpose: Teach on women and HIV/AIDs
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Women and HIV/AIDS
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19764 Muyodi and logos acting out how to break the news that they have an STD.
19767 It was raining which affected the community’s attendence
19770 Another couple role playing how they would break the news to their partner about having an STD.