Mvule Community Development - Buyange

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-05-26

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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commitee formation 
Buyange village, Chris went to this village to guide the community committee leaders in discussions as they were enacting their bylaws that will regulate the meetings and govern their community until they have their constitution. At this stage of mvule community development, Chris has to empower the community members to be good leaders and take on the responsibility of taking a lead in developing their communiy. After guiding the community through the process of choosing their leaders, chris then taught them the roles and responsibilities of every committee members which followed by guiding them enact their bylaws. Chris believes that leadership roles have to be taught right from the house hold to the community meetings and so for that reason chris started by moving to homes of the members , chris visited Mr Magoola Hakim’s home, he is the community VHT who has a lot of trees around his home, he has been a very good example of a good leader in the community meanwhile chris has been reffering to him as not only a leader but a good father who has set a good example in the community therefore chris had to visit him to check how his family was doing and also encourage him continue being a good a example to his community. During the meeting ,chris thanked the community members for participating in choosing their committee members however chris begged them to think of the bylaws that will help them govern their community and meetings as well. Chris guided the community members why they needed bylaws, he said bylaws help to control the meetings, they also help to determine the quoram of the meeting, the bylaws also restrict members from absenteeing themselves from meetings and other economic activities, therefore chris requested the members to think of what bylaws can best help to regulate them during the meetings. The chairperson of the community group Mrs Kasoga Norah welcomed the idea from from kibo, she echoed the importance of having bylaws as a group however her concern was about the absence of members who had travelled to attend to burrial of their relative and therefore they would not be around to agree on the bylaws, since bylaws concern everyone in the community, the chairperson requested the meeting be adjourned to next week to allow everyone to be around during that time, when chris asked what the rest of the members were saying, they all agreed to go back and mobilize other members who had not made it but also give a chance to those who went for burial to participate in enacting their bylaws. Since every member has to agree on the bylaws ,Chris had to make sure everyone in the community give their opinion regarding their bylaws so for that reason chris had to go with what the chairperson and the entire members and adjourned the meeting to next week on 2/06/2021. On his way , chris went to nawaibete village to follow up on the progress of compiling their constitution, chris found the committee members already at the meeting venue, the secretary Mrs Scovia was writing as other committee members were discussing. The chairperson Mr Bageya reported to chris that the group members are coperating well, he said they are now contributing money to go and compile their constitution, he however said they have a challenge that they do not have any one who knows how to write very well in their village, the only person they are relying on is the secretary who knows little about writing , the chairperson requested chris to help them to write as they discuss , chris declined and promised to empower the secretary to do her work because she knows how to write and read the only problem is the spelling and pronouciatian of some words in english however chris encouraged the committee members to trust and support their secretary , chris said he will only be helping gk edit what the secretary had written, chris promised to visit next week on 2/06/2021 to continue guiding the community group as they compile their constitution. 
Next Visit
2021-06-02 - Purpose: To continue guiding the community as they enact their bylaws chris will and encourage them to follow and get committed to the bylaws, chris will be visiting the homes Mr hamidu Talyaka amd mr kibulika latifu to know how they planted their trees and how tney are taking care of their families.
Program Success
Yes, i moved to most homes and in was impressed to see that they planted trees well .
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
There is a young boy called mutwalibi, he did not recieve the trees because he was at school however when he came frim schoolmand found other members had planted trees, he decided to look for tree seedlings and was able to plant two mango mango trees and one musizi tree.
Other Program Observations
Members use the stoves and appreciate kibo for helping them to save fire wood.
Program Expected Of Village
To continue taking care of trees by watering them and building cages around them.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Chris is going yo keep communicating to committee leaders to keep encouraging the members care for their trees and mobilize them for the next meeting as well.

Report Photos

19827 Buyange village, chris (far left) poses with the committee leaders after the discussions on enacting the bylaws that will be guiding their meetings, chris helped them by moderating the discussions and teaching about why they need the bylaws. At the end of the day they were able ti enact their bylaws and thanked chris for the initiative.
19830 Buyange village, Chris poses with the family of mr magoola hakim who everyone in the community respects for planting more trees in the community, chris was prompted to visit his home and what he found there was so impressive because he planted many species of trees on his land including fruits, chris encouraged him teach the rest of the community how important it is to plant trees.
19833 Buyange village, the chairperson Mrs Kasoga stressing a point during the discussions concerning their bylaws.