Community Empowerment - Bukoma C

Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2021-05-26

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2021-05-27 12:54:47 UTC
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Bible Lesson 1: The Light of the world 
Ida went to Bukoma to meet with the three Kibo ambassadors to brief them on how they will be involved in teaching and also introduced lesson one( Trust in God ) Ida wanted to begin with the ambassadors so that they know how to take notes, how to stand before others, eye contact and moving around when teaching. These three ambassadors ( Erima Fred, Mulondo Peter and Namugwano Naru) will be the ones to continue with community empowerment lessons when Kibo staff phases out. Ida told them all lessons that will be conducted during community empowerment period in Bukoma and will be inspecting homes to check if lessons are put in practice. The chairperson mr. Erima Fred pledged to mobilize the community before the meeting day so that they prepare themselves. After the introduction, Ida started teaching about “Trust in God”. She asked the three ambassadors each one to tell her what they Trust. Mulondo Peter said the only person he trusts in his mother. Namugwano said that she trusts her husband and Erima Fred trusts himself alone. Ida continued asking why those three trusted the people they said. Peter said that it’s only someone’s mother who can bear with any situation that comes by. Wives are never trusted because any time they can run away. Namugwano said that her husband is the only person who chose her from the many and swore to protect her till death separates them. So she believes that her husband is the only to trust. And Erima said that he is the only person who knows himself better, there is no one he trusts than himself. Political leaders are the worst because they embezzle government’s money and satisfy their stomachs. Ida thanked them for the thoughtful answers they gave and being open and share their feelings. Ida told them the story of Covid 19. People trusted different things like, doctors, pastors, presidents, riches, but all those who trusted in the things they thought were important, ended up Trusting in God alone. Americans thought that they knew everything, but Covid 19 proved them wrong. Money could not save them from a deadly disease. Italy the same and other countries. It’s only God who we can rely on and put our trust in Him alone. The people we trust most times fail us but God will never let us down. 
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2021-06-11 - Purpose: Continue teaching about Trust in God.
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They need women’s empowerment program.
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The Mvule trees are growing well and the goats have produced.
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19914 Ida writing the phone numbers of Bukoma Kibo ambassadors.