Community Empowerment - Nawandyo B

Visit by Daina Akurut on 2021-05-31

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2021-06-01 13:07:43 UTC
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Community Empowerment Lessons

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Akurut Diana 
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Bible Lesson 8: Teaching Children 
Diana went to Nawandyo B to teach about good and bad parenting. The journey and the weather were favorable and we arrived safely in the village. The community had already gathered, ready for the community empowerment lesson. We rested for 5 minutes as we waited for rest of the members to settle. The chairman Mr. Kiige opened the meeting by requesting Khamadi the secretary to pray, which he did. Khamadi continued with greeting the community members, and encouraged them to put on masks, because Covid is every where. He thanked the members for keeping time and loving the Kibo programs. He welcomed the Diana to take over the floor. Diana thanked the community for their endeavor, she encouraged them to maintain S.O.Ps. She told them that Covid is real and no one can tell who has COVID and who doesn’t have. The community listened and agreed to do what the government is requesting them to follow. Diana asked them, what they remember from the previous lesson, Charles said he remembers the lesson of parenting, children are taken care of from the time conception and men need to support their wives during the time of pregnancy. They should escort them for antenatal care. Sarah one of the ladies also said that parents should actively listen to what their children have to say. Diana thanked everyone for participating and encouraged the rest of the members to always be active in the lesson, because this will help them remember everything they have been taught. Diana introduced the lesson of the day which was, good and bad parenting. She asked the members what they understand by the two phrases good and bad parenting. Mohammed said bad parenting is when the the parents beat the children, Susan said it is when they are denied food, clothing, Logosey said it is when children are chased from their homes. Diana requested the rest of the members to clap for these brilliant people. She asked them what they understand by good parenting, Hanifa, said it is when parents give their children food, give them housing, take care of them, Khamadi said it is when parents act in a forgiving manner, they don’t shout at their children. Diana thanked everyone for their participation and requested the members to clap for them. Diana told them that bad parenting involves verbal abuse, where by the parents abuse their children, shout at them, jeering at them. This is not good to a child, this child will develop fear and fail to express himself/ herself to you the parent. Physical abuse is another way of bad parenting, here some parents beat their children inflicting injuries on their bodies, emotional neglect, parents do not listen to their children, parents should know that every child needs attention and they should be there for their children. In good parenting, parents should show good judgement and stick to their rules that means they should stay in control of their emotions. Parents in Nawandyo B, should be appreciative and encourage the children whenever they are acting well at home. The parents should know that good homes are good for the development of the child. Get to know how your child is communicating and don’t just neglect them, avoid lectures, tell positive stories that will develop their mind set. Don’t do things for your child which they can do for themselves. Diana added on that parents should compliment their spouses in front of the children. Diana brought out a man and woman to act as parents, as the rest of members kept laughing and clapping their hands at the same time. Diana encouraged them to practice love in their families. Later on she told them to ask questions. Khamadi the secretary said the lesson was just on time and to him he just wanted to compliment the Kibo team for taking for them such good lessons. He thanked Diana too for endeavoring to reach to them. This climaxed the lesson of the day. 
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2021-06-01 - Purpose: To teach about love in the family
Program Success
Yes, the people are active and love the community empowerment lessons
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The community members keep time
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The kitchen and the borehole programs are doing well
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The village needs to mobilize people, keep time and put on masks
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The staff needs to prepare lessons before going to the village

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19899 Diana in Nawandyo B, teaching about good and bad parenting
19902 Diana in Nawandyo B, emphasizing on the point of bad and good parenting.