Mvule Community Development - Kazimba Kungira

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2021-06-02

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2021-06-04 07:57:19 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo,Alex Bamulumbye 
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Mvule Community Development 
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constitution writing 
Abraham and Alex met seventeen Kazimbakujira community members and the purpose was to discuss how they are going to buy a tent with one hundred seats. They brought out this idea when they were discussing what they can do as a group which can bring them together. This is done during constitution making whereby they have to include it in their constitution. Kibo workers usually ask the community also to come up with something which they think can keep them together because villages are different some may say, piggery or poultry. For this village for them they think having a tent with one hundred seats will help them as members and they will also rent it to other different people who are not in the group so that they will be getting some funds to do other thinks. They gave the example of the bore hole they have repaired they contributed money but for them as a group if they have money on their account they may decide to get that money and repair the bore hole without asking members to get from their pockets. Abraham told the meeting that he asked some people who deal in selling tents and they told him the tent they want with one hundred seats it is at two million five hundred thousand shillings (2500000=) but still there is room of doing more research. One group member called Richard said that he also head about that price from someone in Bugiri town. They decided to divide the money by seventy members in the group that means two million five hundred shillings divide by seventy which is at least thirty six thousand (36000=) per each member to contribute. Abraham and Alex B encouraged them to continue looking for more advice from those one who have the tents already. They need to get all the group members and share that so that they can also contribute to the idea of contributing thirty six thousand shillings for the tent. 
Next Visit
2021-06-16 - Purpose: To meet the all group members and discuss if they will manage to contribute each member thirty six thousand shillings fo buy a group tent with one hundred seats.
Program Success
They started contributing money as a group for buying a tent for a group
Program Critical Needs
To start thinking how they are going to store the tent, who will be responsible for it in times of renting to make sure it is back in good condition.
Program Ownership
They have already contributed three hundred thousand shillings for the tent
Other Program Observations
They contributed money and repaired their bore hole
Program Expected Of Village
To be thinking who will be responsible for the tent in times of renting it and also to keep it.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the chairperson for the update of whom are they thinking will be responsible for the tent in case they get it.

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19938 Kazimbakujira members discussing how they are going to buy the tent which they hope it will help the group members and the community.