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Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2021-06-02

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Bible Lesson 3: The love of God 
Ida went to Ndalike to continue teaching about Trust in God. She asked the community members to tell her who they Trust. Wanda said that he trusts the ancestors ( small gods) because they have helped him overcome many problems and have got good things through them (ancestors) Kagoya asked mr.Wanda to tell them some of the good things he got because of the ancestors. The community burst into laughter which made Wanda share his benefits. He said that he got his twins after asking the ancestors, he also got the second wife through them. Ngobi requested Wanda to tell him what he did so that he can too go and get twins. Wanda said that he gave the witch doctor two black goats, a white cock and some money. Ngobi at the end of the lesson, asked members to put their trust in God only because He never asks goats, cows etc from us and even the witch doctors we trust fear Him. Ida thanked everyone for participating in class. She told them a story of Hannah and Peninah in the Old Testament. The two women were co-wives, Hannah’s womb wasn’t blessed as Peninah’s which brought up some misunderstandings. Peninah could speak things that annoyed Hannah but she never said back evil but continued praying to God to help her and open her womb because she knew that with God everything was possible. Hannah trusted God who allow women to have children. She didn’t blame or point her finger to anyone but asked the giver of all to give her a child. Finally God opened Hannah’s womb and she gave birth to a baby boy (Samuel) who wasn’t just a baby but a prophet! When we Trust God, He answers our prayers and gives us all we want at the right time. Trusting in witch doctors will lead us to hating our families, neighbors and selling our possessions even moving from place to place as Ngobi said in his statement. The God who helped Hannah overcome her co- wife’s insults, will make you overcome all that’s not going on well. The community was happy to learn that God never asks anything from people to do something for them because He owns everything. Lubaale closed with a prayer. 
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2021-06-11 - Purpose: To teach about unity and harmony in marriage.
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19941 Ida talking to some members from Ndalike who had gathered to learn how Important is to Trust God.
19944 The chairperson mr.Mugote writing the Ndalike attendance list .