Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2021-06-02

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Alex Walyomu
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2021-06-04 06:04:52 UTC
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10:44-18:21 (7 h 37 m)
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13:19-16:29 (3 h 10 m)
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Water Community Meeting

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user committee training,ownership and sustainability,contribution 
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Harriet Kefeza,Walyomu Alex 
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Alex and Harriet were in Butabira to meet with the community leaders, the water and sanitation committee members and new committee selected to lead the stoves program in the village. Alex went with a copy of the bylaws that were enacted by the community a few weeks ago to review these bylaws with the leaders and made some adjustments. The village leaders and the water and sanitation committee members added two bylaws on the list of the original 11 that were made at the beginning. They accepted to add a law suggesting that the water user committee and the sanitation committee to conduct quarterly meetings with all the village residents to update about the borehole status and maintain the sanitation standards in the village. Also they agreed to add that every water user must pay an annual fee of 5000 Shillings towards the borehole water account to cater for any repairs that may arise. This now brings to a total of 13 bylaws to guide everyone in the village to properly manage the two boreholes in the village. The water user committee was also encouraged to contribute more towards the new borehole fence construction as they wait on what kibo group can contribute before the wall the construction. The water and sanitation committee members have remained very focused towards maintaining a safe water chain in the village and Alex asked them of the plan they had to ensure this. The fact is that there was no any plan to guide them and that is why they were able to come up with a plan to conduct quarterly meetings with all the village residents. The leaders also were encouraged to continue announcing to all people during other public meetings like funerals reminding people to keep the required sanitation standards and to stay active at all times. The village leaders continue to thank Kibo group for the partnership in the village and have expressed more interests in the kibo programs doing all what it takes to ensure that all kibo programs succeed in Butabira. All the leaders are very happy to have the stoves program start in the village after WASH and have already the plans to have this program also succeed like the WASH program 
Next Visit
2021-08-04 - Purpose: To go back and guide the village as they construct a borehole wall fence at the borehole
Program Success
The water and sanitation committee members are still very active towards encouraging all residents to maintain their sanitation standards and a safe water chain.
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
The water user committee have remained very active and are working very hard to see that the borehole wall fence is active.
Other Program Observations
The community is responding very well towards the stoves program, a new Kibo program that just started in this village.
Program Expected Of Village
To make sure all the materials to be used to construct are at the site and enough to construct a wall fence. The committee should also prepare the person that will do the job of constructing the wall fence during the next visit
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To make sure the contributions from Kibo group are secured to buy the cement for the construction of the wall fence at the new borehole in Butabira drilled by Kibo group

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19950 Alex W in a meeting with the sanitation and water user committee members reviewing the borehole bylaws that were enacted and discuss more about their borehole ownership and maintenance
19953 All the leaders were present and agreed to add two important bylaws on the list of the bylaws that were enacted before