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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-10-25

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
- Identify many perspectives concerning Bride price - Identify consequences of Bride price
Introduction Lorna went to teach the final lesson which is still under Gender roles and responsibilities. She taught on A look into Bride Price where they looked at issues surrounding Bride price and how it affects some Life Skills like Decision making. Overview Bride price is the amount of money or goods that is given by the groom to be to the family of the bride before their official marriage. Lorna mentioned that in the communities before and even still to present day women/ girl children are looked at as a source of wealth and therefore the more girl children the richer one would be in terms of bride price. Lorna said however this should not be the case as girls are not commodities. Today’s lesson was made into a debate form but before that they did a review on the previous session and after the review, they went on to the topic of the day. Lorna asked the class what Bride price was but they did not know however when explained in lusoga, they were able to understand. The issue of Bride price is big especially in busoga region and unfortunately some people have decided to misuse it by taking their women as property because they claim that they “Paid” for her. This lesson was delivered in a form of debate. Lorna was able to get some volunteers to act as judges and the rest of the class divided up into Proposers and opposers. Teacher Steven was the one in charge of picking on which side was to discuss. It was an interesting debate where they discussed on whether Bride price should be paid or should not be paid. The proposers said it should be paid because of the following reasons; they said it shows respect in that the bride to be will be respected in the community as she can also use it to defend herself among her peers that for her she was officially married and the Bride price was given hence giving her status in the community. Another reason was that this gives chance for the parents of the girl to know if the man will be able to take care of their daughter. Steven from the opposers gave a point of information where he said that what if the man just borrowed the money and you can’t tell will that still count. Another reason for Bride price was to command respect from the parents of the bride.The opposers said that it should not be given because no one know what will happen in future. They said what if the woman fails to give birth and the husband demands back his Bride price saying the woman he married is useless since she cannot give birth?. These things are a part of life and they should not be blamed on anyone or should not mean one to begin punishing his wife since he “paid” for her and therefore Bride price should not be given as it attaches many things. The proposers said it should be given because they have spent a lot of money bringing up this child and therefore they need some kind of compensation. They added that it should be paid because it will help the brother of the girl also get married when his turn comes. The opposers said when Bride price is given it feels like they have lost all rights on this girl therefore should not be given.The discussions were very interesting as children banged desks, clapped their hands in support of their group attracting even the other classes. Lorna and teacher Steven however enlightened the class that unfortunately Bride price has brought a lot of problems in certain families whereby, Women are being beaten , mistreated , abused both sexually and physically , they cannot make any decisions whatsoever concerning their family, sex rights, number of children to produce. Bride price if it should be given Lorna advised that it should not be like property where one is free to do anything, but it should be in appreciation to the brides family for bringing up a woman and giving them something they will remember but not otherwise. Conclusion Lorna asked the children if their parents that is their fathers paid bride price for their mothers and some said yes while others said no. She encouraged them to take this lesson serious as this will give them understanding of why things happen in a certain way but they should Annalise this situation very well and even if it was to happen to their elder sisters they would know what to do. 
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2019-10-30 - Purpose: Give them an HIV /AIDS post test.
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9416 Steven giving a point of information on why bride Brice should be removed. We had a debate on gender and Bride Price
9419 Eric on the proposers Side was also supporting the motion that Bride price should be kept.
9422 The debate also attracted the pupils outside the class. Teacher Steven was interacting with the judges who also gave a stand on where they stood as far as the notion was concerned.