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Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2019-11-25

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2019-11-26 12:21:04 UTC
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Anger: Management 
Ida went to Budumba to continue with her lesson about managing anger. Budumba is one of the villages that have high rates of anger related cases so it was important to sensitize the community about the dangers of anger, the causes and how to overcome it. Ida first asked the members what they knew about anger and what they normally do when they are angry, every member was given a chance to give an opinion, Mr Otim who also acts as the area chairperson said Anger in his community is caused when members spread rumors however as a chairperson he thanked Ida for giving them the platform to talk about issues which are leading to divisions in the community. Mrs Joan also said that what made her angry is when her husband got another wife in town, Meanwhile Mrs Betty said that what usually makes her angry is when her husband doesn’t come home early to be with his family. Ida has been teaching about anger management in Budumba for some time and during the previous lesson she asked the women to go back home and observe if their husbands have changed the way they have been behaving at home, however, when Ida asked the women at random in meeting to raise up their hands if their husbands had started behaving well at home since she started visiting and meeting them, Ida observed that while some women were raising up their hands ,some few women were not raising up their hands , Ida asked one of the women who looked angry and grieved why she was not Putting up her hand, she said her husband had not changed at all, after the lesson Ida took the woman aside so she can talk to her in person, this is when her husband intercepted and requested to talk to Ida in person as soon as possible. However,Mr Samson approached Ida and confessed that he had two wives but he was not balancing the love among his wives, he said he actually built a big house to one wife he loved most while the other wife was sleeping in a smaller house but after attending and participating in health and Spiritual empowerment lessons, he decided he will construct a bigger house to the other wife meanwhile another woman also said her husband was not paying school fees to his children but after the Health and Spiritual empowerment lessons he went and sold the rice and used the money to pay school fees to their children. When Ida narrated to Henry what had transpired in the community, Henry requested Ida to go with him to Budumba some time. 
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2019-12-04 - Purpose: Continue with Anger management lesson.
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9743 Women with hands up are the ones that their husbands changed because of the anger management lesson and those who didn’t raise their hands are those that their husbands haven’t changed.