Nabituluntu Village (Namutumba district)

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To prepare the group to recieve the goats, chris and alex b will go through the group constitution and the group reqister to make sure all the members have the requirements to recieve goats which include having planted trees, having the updated certificate of registration, all the members having been active, their economic activity is doing well as well as making sure the members prepare what to feed the goats and their shelter. Chris and alex b will also prepare the group members for the visiting of the CDO which is next week.
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Chris Bulolo
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WASH 28 2017-10-18 2019-06-10
Kitchens 11 2018-03-23 2018-07-20
Empowerment 2 2018-04-13 2018-04-16
Life Skills 18 2019-01-11 2021-02-12
Mvule 52 2019-07-24 2021-05-31

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