Name District Reports First Visit Last Visit Next Visit Next Visit Purpose Report By
Bubinga 16 03/16/20 10/27/20 11/02/20 We will be looking at menstraul hygiene and management. Lorna Katagara
Budumba Unassigned 124 10/17/17 10/22/20 11/11/20 Teaching about measles and chicken pox Irene Nakibirango
Bukhana Luuka 64 10/19/17 10/29/20 03/05/21 Continue with discussions about the saving scheme Abraham Mulongo
Bukhudumira Namutumba 190 11/15/17 10/25/20 11/02/20 On that day, Manuela will review all lessons that they learnt in communication skills, teach the last lesson communication behavior and then later she will introduce Relationship skills. Manuela Ongyera
Bukoma A Luuka 42 04/09/18 10/01/20 12/21/20 To discuss how they are handling poultry project they started as a group Abraham Mulongo
Bukoma B Luuka 13 05/28/18 08/12/20 08/21/20 To discuss about what they hope to use a structure given to the group by one of the member. Abraham Mulongo
Bukoma C Luuka 25 06/25/18 09/29/20 11/09/20 To teach lesson one The Storm ( Jesus is Lord of everything) Ida Bazonoona
Bulinda 1 11 04/09/19 09/01/20 09/18/20 To call the village and inform them on a plan to have the pipes retrieved and if the village residents too have a plan to get these pipes from the hole. Alex Walyomu
Buluvu Namutumba 110 10/17/17 10/29/20 11/09/20 Carry out the first evaluation process. Suzan Winnie
Bulyowa A Namutumba 47 10/23/17 08/28/20 N/A To follow up on leaking kitchens ,smearing and construction of firewood risen stands. Harriet Kefeza
Bulyowa B Namutumba 55 10/20/17 10/27/20 12/09/20 Teach first lesson Lorna Katagara
Bupaluka Namutumba 93 10/20/17 10/22/20 11/04/22 To discuss with members about the crops that can be planted during the fast season and get good yield and also for the second season.we shall also discuss more about their saving how to make it better. Alex Bamulumbye
Bupeni Kaliro 79 11/22/17 10/23/20 10/30/20 To follow up on on Stove usage and construction of firewood stands Suzan Winnie
Busene 4 10/07/20 10/29/20 11/11/20 To organize the village for the triggering David Balimunsi
Butabira 38 12/10/19 10/27/20 10/30/20 Continue follow up on sanitation facility standards and the need for the borehole repair. Alex Walyomu
Butamoga Namutumba 9 11/03/17 10/22/20 11/04/20 To collect the trees and goats evaluation form Abraham Mulongo
Buyange Namutumba 73 10/17/17 10/20/20 01/22/21 To monitor the maintenance of the program facilities. Suzan Winnie
Chikunu Iganga 3 10/17/17 08/20/19 09/29/19 To visit the district and ibaako village Tom Ngobi
Ibaako 50 09/17/19 10/27/20 10/28/20 To continue encouraging the new Latrine construction in homes which haven’t completed, encourage the core values of using latrines and dish courage open defecation. Check in the dish rack construction and focus on standardization. Martin Kibuuka
Igerera A Unassigned 84 12/02/17 10/27/20 10/26/20 To check on the sanitation and hygiene improvement. Martin Kibuuka
Igerera A Iganga 84 12/02/17 10/27/20 10/26/20 To check on the sanitation and hygiene improvement. Martin Kibuuka
Igerera B Namutumba 129 11/13/17 10/29/20 11/02/20 To follow up on the progress of stove building. Harriet Kefeza
Ikumbya Luuka 77 10/17/17 10/03/20 01/06/20 To check if they opened a group account Abraham Mulongo
Ituba Namalowe Namutumba 154 10/17/17 10/28/20 11/02/20 To guide participants as they build stoves on their own as kibo staff guides them.They will also follow up on smearing of the home facilities. Harriet Kefeza
Kagulu Namutumba 202 10/20/17 10/27/20 10/30/20 Emphasizing on the benefits of family planning through door to door visits to the mothers who have given birth along side the hygiene, breast feeding, child care and immunization. Irene Nakibirango
Kalalu 32 12/12/19 10/29/20 10/04/20 Tom will be making a follow up visit on sanitation and hygiene improvements by encouraging residents to construct sanitation facilities. Together with the sanitation and hygiene committee of the village, they will be moving in the upper section of the village encouraging them to construct facilities like latrines, dish racks, shower facilities and the hand washing stands. He will be putting emphasis on dish rack construction and latrine construction. He will also be visiting homes of residents in the upper section that got iron sheets to see how they are or have roofed their latrines. Tom Ngobi
Kalitumba Namutumba 93 11/15/17 10/27/20 11/02/20 Irene will be teaching about maternal,infant,child care basically teaching about the aims,high risks , common causes of maternal,infant and child deaths. Irene Nakibirango
Kampala Bugole Luuka 1 10/17/17 10/17/17 N/A Steven Kambale
Kasuleta Namutumba 20 11/29/17 10/22/20 10/28/20 Continue with poultry lessons specifically teaching about feeding. Ida Bazonoona
Kazimba Kungira 10 06/25/19 09/18/20 10/07/20 To take Mvule and Musizi trees to be planted by the community Abraham Mulongo
Kigalama Namutumba 169 10/19/17 08/14/20 08/28/20 To meet the groups and discuss about how they will be meeting because they are more than three hundred. Abraham Mulongo
Kirwanire 40 12/09/19 10/27/20 10/30/20 To continue encouraging the residents to work and improve on their sanitation David Balimunsi
Kishaike Namutumba 111 10/25/17 10/27/20 10/02/20 Tom will be talking about selecting a water user committee Tom Ngobi
Kisiro Namutumba 110 11/10/17 09/10/20 09/16/20 To make a call to the village chairman and follow up on the progress of steps to be met by the village and away forward before the new well is reopened for community use. Alex Walyomu
Kiteigalwa Bugiri 79 10/19/17 09/24/20 01/29/21 To assess the level of sustainability of the healthy and safe kitchen program. Harriet Kefeza
Kitukiro Buyende 100 10/23/17 10/27/20 10/06/20 To continue discussing where they have reached on the idea of registering their group after them meeting the CDO Abraham Mulongo
Kivule Namutumba 147 10/19/17 10/22/20 10/30/20 Since adolescent and Puberty stage is a lesson under decisions making and it was requested by community members. On that day Manuela will resume Relationships Skills lessons and she will teach about how to manage emotions. Manuela Ongyera
Maliga Namutumba 137 10/20/17 10/29/20 11/04/20 Irene will be demonstrating the different family planning methods giving advantages to the children,father and community. Irene Nakibirango
Mpumiro Namutumba 93 12/08/17 10/20/20 10/30/20 To check on the progress in the sanitation and hygiene program. To monitor and evaluate and sensitize the community to work hard to develop there community Steven Kambale
Nabikenge Namutumba 123 10/20/17 10/28/20 11/04/20 Manuela will teach the previous lesson that she did not teach because of rain. She will teach about mother to child transmission and disease Progression. Manuela Ongyera
Nabituluntu Namutumba 85 10/18/17 10/22/20 11/02/20 To continue engaging the community in making bylaws that will help them to preserve what they receive as a community. We shall also discuss other laws that will help them in development activities. Alex Bamulumbye
Naibowa Kamuli 106 10/23/17 10/29/20 10/30/20 To follow up on smearing of the home facilities. Harriet Kefeza
Nairika- Kisege Luuka 2 10/23/17 10/30/17 N/A Abraham Mulongo
Naisamula Namutumba 53 10/25/17 10/27/20 10/30/20 To check on the maintenance of the program facilities such as smearing of the buildings,stove usage and construction of the firewood stands in the kitchens. Suzan Winnie
Namulu 1 10/20/20 10/20/20 10/30/20 Conduct baseline survey in the village Tom Ngobi
Namusita 2 01/21/20 01/28/20 02/07/20 To prepare the village for the baseline survey David Balimunsi
Nawaibete Namutumba 85 10/20/17 10/29/20 11/06/20 We shall discuss and come up with a solution to help since all the four parties will give in ideas to help the community to attain or get registration. The four parties are the government officer (community development officer of the sub county) Staff of kobo group,local leader and community members. Alex Bamulumbye
Nawampiti Namutumba 76 11/13/17 10/29/20 11/04/20 Lorna left them with homework on the importance of communication and they will also look at the communication styles. Lorna Katagara
Nawandyo Unassigned 1 11/08/17 11/08/17 N/A Enock Madolo
Nawandyo A Namutumba 64 11/17/17 10/27/20 11/02/20 To continue teaching about hatching, marking and sorting eggs. We will also teach about feeds(layers and growers mash). Ida Bazonoona
Nawandyo B Namutumba 45 11/20/17 06/25/20 07/03/20 Meet with local council chairperson and make plans for the next meeting . Ida Bazonoona
Nawankofu 1 12/05/19 12/05/19 12/11/19 To mobilize the community for a sanitation and water meeting David Balimunsi
Ndalike Kamuli 54 11/06/17 10/27/20 10/28/20 Guide the community during the process of water survey in the village. Alex Walyomu
Sinde Namayingo 103 11/06/17 10/27/20 10/30/20 Continue engaging the community as well as to guide them as they plan to open their group account. Chris Bulolo
Test 25 11/14/17 06/30/20 07/31/20 Meet the District Health Officer. Irene Nakibirango

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