Name District Reports First Visit Last Visit Next Visit Next Visit Purpose Report By
Bubinga 23 03/16/20 12/15/20 03/21/22 Life Skills has phased out of this village Lorna Katagara
Budumba Unassigned 133 10/17/17 12/11/20 01/22/21 To discuss with members about how to write the constitution for the group. Alex Bamulumbye
Bukhana Luuka 64 10/19/17 10/29/20 03/05/21 Continue with discussions about the saving scheme Abraham Mulongo
Bukhudumira Namutumba 197 11/15/17 12/08/20 05/25/21 Manuela will be going with Ida to introduce her to community members. Manuela Ongyera
Bukoma A Luuka 42 04/09/18 10/01/20 05/02/21 To discuss how they are handling poultry project they started as a group Abraham Mulongo
Bukoma B Luuka 13 05/28/18 08/12/20 02/19/21 To discuss about what they hope to use a structure given to the group by one of the member. Abraham Mulongo
Bukoma C Luuka 25 06/25/18 09/29/20 01/25/21 To teach lesson one The Storm ( Jesus is Lord of everything)r Ida Bazonoona
Bulinda 1 11 04/09/19 09/01/20 02/25/21 To call the village and inform them on a plan to have the pipes retrieved and if the village residents too have a plan to get these pipes from the hole. Alex Walyomu
Buluvu Namutumba 112 10/17/17 12/03/20 01/31/21 Follow up on the stove building progress and the repairing of other facilities at the lower section. Suzan Winnie
Bulyowa A Namutumba 47 10/23/17 08/28/20 N/A To follow up on leaking kitchens ,smearing and construction of firewood risen stands. Harriet Kefeza
Bulyowa B Namutumba 55 10/20/17 10/27/20 02/08/21 Teach first lesson Lorna Katagara
Bupaluka Namutumba 98 10/20/17 12/09/20 01/20/21 Alex B and the members will discuss how to get capital for the business they will do as individual.. Alex Bamulumbye
Bupeni Kaliro 84 11/22/17 12/13/20 01/20/21 Continue following up on the maintenance of the program facilities. Suzan Winnie
Busene 9 10/07/20 12/10/20 12/16/20 To continue following up on facility constructions and the improvements David Balimunsi
Butabira 47 12/10/19 12/17/20 01/20/21 Update third evaluation before introducing the water program in the village. Alex Walyomu
Butamoga Namutumba 9 11/03/17 10/22/20 04/09/21 To collect the trees and goats evaluation form Abraham Mulongo
Buyange Namutumba 73 10/17/17 10/20/20 01/22/21 To monitor the maintenance of the program facilities. Suzan Winnie
Chikunu Iganga 3 10/17/17 08/20/19 N/A To visit the district and ibaako village Tom Ngobi
Ibaako 58 09/17/19 12/15/20 01/18/21 They will check on the sanitation and hygiene improvements, meet with the local leaders plan for the new year on how to get everyone complete missing facilities. Enock Madolo
Igerera A Iganga 95 12/02/17 12/17/20 01/22/21 To check on the latrine construction and other facilities Enock Madolo
Igerera A Unassigned 95 12/02/17 12/17/20 01/22/21 To check on the latrine construction and other facilities Enock Madolo
Igerera A, 3 11/10/17 11/25/17 N/A Abraham Mulongo
Igerera B Namutumba 136 11/13/17 12/15/20 01/25/21 Irene will be making a recap of the previous lessons. Irene Nakibirango
Ikumbya Luuka 78 10/17/17 12/15/20 04/30/21 To assess the level of sustainability of the healthy and safe kitchen program. Harriet Kefeza
Ituba Namalowe Namutumba 158 10/17/17 12/03/20 01/20/21 To follow up on the stove building progress at the lower section and maintenance of other facilities. Suzan Winnie
Kagulu Namutumba 207 10/20/17 12/08/20 01/13/21 Follow up on the maintenance and improvements of program facilities Suzan Winnie
Kalalu 39 12/12/19 12/17/20 01/20/21 Met with committee members and leaders and discuss results from the evaluation Tom Ngobi
Kalitumba Namutumba 102 11/15/17 12/17/20 01/18/21 Make a recap of the previous lessons Irene Nakibirango
Kampala Bugole Luuka 1 10/17/17 10/17/17 N/A Steven Kambale
Kamudoke 2 01/21/20 12/14/20 01/25/21 Have a meeting with all the village leaders and plan for a baseline survey for WASH to start working in this village. Alex Walyomu
Kasuleta Namutumba 27 11/29/17 12/14/20 01/29/20 Assessing the chicken coop. Daina Akurut
Kazimba Kungira 17 06/25/19 12/17/20 01/27/21 To start making their bylaws which will govern them until they make their constitution. Abraham Mulongo
Kigalama Namutumba 171 10/19/17 12/15/20 01/31/21 To follow up on the leaking kitchens and the stoves that had developed cracks due to lack of smearing. Harriet Kefeza
Kirwanire 52 12/09/19 12/16/20 01/18/21 To meet the sanitation committee and some of residents in the village,so that they will be giving a brief report about the sanitation progress during when the kibo staff were away from the village for holiday. David Balimunsi
Kishaike Namutumba 119 10/25/17 12/10/20 01/22/21 To meet with village leaders and discuss with them and their roles and responsibilities towards the borehole Tom Ngobi
Kisiro Namutumba 111 11/10/17 11/30/20 01/29/21 Commissioning of the new well in Kisiro. Alex Walyomu
Kiteigalwa Bugiri 80 10/19/17 12/03/20 01/22/21 To follow up on stove usage, smearing of the home facilities and firewood storages. Harriet Kefeza
Kitukiro Buyende 104 10/23/17 12/14/20 01/22/21 To continue discussing what they can do as a group together besides savings Abraham Mulongo
Kivule Namutumba 160 10/19/17 12/15/20 01/25/21 To discuss what else they can do as a group besides saving scheme which can bring them together. Abraham Mulongo
Maliga Namutumba 148 10/20/17 12/16/20 01/27/21 To continue with chores and responsibilities. Daina Akurut
Mpumiro Namutumba 101 12/08/17 12/15/20 01/24/21 Meet with village leaders, and introduce to them the idea of the borehole and also select the water user committee . Tom also plans to stay in touch with the village through the period of the Christmas break Tom Ngobi
Nabikenge Namutumba 131 10/20/17 12/16/20 01/20/22 Life Skills has phased out of this village Manuela Ongyera
Nabituluntu Namutumba 96 10/18/17 12/14/20 01/25/21 We shall go through with community the draft constitution they would have written and advise them where necessary. Alex Bamulumbye
Naibowa Kamuli 113 10/23/17 12/16/20 01/18/22 To follow up on the stove building progress and maintenance of other facilities. Suzan Winnie
Nairika- Kisege Luuka 2 10/23/17 10/30/17 N/A Abraham Mulongo
Naisamula Namutumba 57 10/25/17 12/08/20 01/18/21 To asses the level of sustainability of the healthy and safe kitchen program. Harriet Kefeza
Namulu 1 10/20/20 10/20/20 N/A Conduct baseline survey in the village Tom Ngobi
Namusita 1 01/28/20 01/28/20 01/22/21 To prepare the village for the baseline survey David Balimunsi
Nawaibete Namutumba 86 10/20/17 11/09/20 12/02/20 To take the CDO and have engagement with the community members with the intention of calling on the community to be committed to working together and also teaching the community how they would work with the government. Alex Bamulumbye
Nawampiti Namutumba 83 11/13/17 12/14/20 03/17/21 Introduce next program Lorna Katagara
Nawandyo Unassigned 1 11/08/17 11/08/17 N/A Enock Madolo
Nawandyo A Namutumba 72 11/17/17 12/14/20 01/27/21 To teach about how to fix bad parenting and introduce love in the family. Daina Akurut
Nawandyo B Namutumba 45 11/20/17 06/25/20 01/22/21 Meet with local council chairperson and make plans for the next meeting . Ida Bazonoona
Nawankofu 1 12/05/19 12/05/19 12/11/19 To mobilize the community for a sanitation and water meeting David Balimunsi
Ndalike Kamuli 68 11/06/17 12/17/20 01/20/21 To teach the participants how to smear their home facilities since it is a requirement for Healthy and safe kitchen program. Harriet Kefeza
Sinde Namayingo 104 11/06/17 10/30/20 02/05/21 To discuss how far they have reached on the idea of buying a group tent and chairs Abraham Mulongo
Test 27 11/14/17 11/19/20 01/22/21 The kibo staff will be engaging the village into a borehole and sanitation meeting David Balimunsi

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