Name District Reports First Visit Last Visit Next Visit Next Visit Purpose Report By
Bubinga 23 03/16/20 12/15/20 03/21/22 Life Skills has phased out of this village Lorna Katagara
Budumba Unassigned 142 10/17/17 05/25/21 06/04/21 To continue guiding the community members as they draft their constitution, they have plans to renew the old constituion and certifacate or continue compiling the new constitution. Chris will be guiding on that. Chris Bulolo
Bukhana Luuka 73 10/19/17 05/04/21 05/04/25 Check in on the program status lorna katagara
Bukhudumira Namutumba 218 11/15/17 06/01/21 06/14/21 To continue teaching the poultry lessons (poultry 1) Ida Bazonoona
Bukoma A Luuka 50 04/09/18 04/30/21 05/20/27 To evaluate what the Kibo abasada has done so far Manuela Ongyera
Bukoma B Luuka 13 05/28/18 08/12/20 02/19/21 To discuss about what they hope to use a structure given to the group by one of the member. Abraham Mulongo
Bukoma C Luuka 27 06/25/18 05/27/21 06/11/21 Continue teaching about Trust in God. Ida Bazonoona
Bulinda 1 11 04/09/19 09/01/20 02/25/21 To call the village and inform them on a plan to have the pipes retrieved and if the village residents too have a plan to get these pipes from the hole. Alex Walyomu
Buluvu Namutumba 127 10/17/17 05/27/21 06/07/21 To check the members how they are caring for trees by putting cages around the trees to protect them from animals. Abraham Mulongo
Bulyowa A Namutumba 75 10/23/17 06/08/21 08/06/21 To continue teaching discipline in children according to age group Daina Akurut
Bulyowa B Namutumba 55 10/20/17 10/27/20 01/27/21 Manuela will be meeting with the village leaders top strategise on a way forward concerning the Life Skills Program Lorna Katagara
Bupaluka Namutumba 99 10/20/17 04/06/21 05/03/21 Discuss about the project of the group Chris Bulolo
Bupeni Kaliro 87 11/22/17 03/30/21 04/28/21 Sharing evaluation findings with the community Suzan Winnie
Busene 20 10/07/20 05/18/21 05/21/21 To check on the sanitation and hygiene improvement in lower section of the village. Martin Kibuuka
Butabira 67 12/10/19 06/04/21 06/07/21 To follow up on smearing, grass chopping and build a demonstration stove. Harriet Kefeza
Butamoga Namutumba 9 11/03/17 10/22/20 04/09/21 To collect the trees and goats evaluation form Abraham Mulongo
Buyange Namutumba 88 10/17/17 06/06/21 06/09/21 To meet the community members and discuss how they will use the bylaws to govern their community as well as during conflict management in homes and community. Chris Bulolo
Chikunu Iganga 3 10/17/17 08/20/19 N/A To visit the district and ibaako village Tom Ngobi
Ibaako 69 09/17/19 05/06/21 05/12/21 To check on the latrine construction in homes which had promised to complete there latrine structure. I will also take the last batch of jerrycans to those homes which where missing. Enock Madolo
Igerera A Iganga 109 12/02/17 05/05/21 05/14/21 To check on the remaining home and have a general meeting for the way forward after sanitation and hygiene has been completed. Enock Madolo
Igerera A Unassigned 109 12/02/17 05/05/21 05/14/21 To check on the remaining home and have a general meeting for the way forward after sanitation and hygiene has been completed. Enock Madolo
Igerera A, 3 11/10/17 11/25/17 N/A Abraham Mulongo
Igerera B Namutumba 150 11/13/17 06/07/21 08/02/21 To introduce lesson 1, trust in God Daina Akurut
Ikumbya Luuka 82 10/17/17 06/07/21 07/16/21 To teach the bridge model lorna katagara
Ituba Namalowe Namutumba 168 10/17/17 05/18/21 05/21/21 Irene will be making a home to home visit checking out on the general hygiene of the homes as it’s a rainy season, pregnant women,breast feeding mothers, and their babies,the general nutrition state of homes as she encourages them on planting vegetable gardens for nutritional foods. Irene Nakibirango
Kagulu Namutumba 218 10/20/17 06/01/21 06/07/21 To teach about roles and responsibilities of mothers, fathers and children too. Manuela Ongyera
Kalalu 53 12/12/19 05/27/21 05/28/21 To check on the homes of the lower sections which promised to complete their new latrines, and shower areas. Enock Madolo
Kalitumba Namutumba 124 11/15/17 05/28/21 06/11/21 To guide the members as make bylaws flat themselves that will help them to work together. Alex Bamulumbye
Kampala Bugole Luuka 1 10/17/17 10/17/17 01/15/25 WASH will not be returning here Steven Kambale
Kamudoke 16 01/21/20 06/01/21 05/31/21 To check in the progress of sanitation improvements in the upper section of the village. Enock Madolo
Kasuleta Namutumba 27 11/29/17 12/14/20 04/11/21 Assessing the chicken coop. Daina Akurut
Kazimba Kungira 40 06/25/19 06/01/21 06/18/21 To monitor the stove building progress by the three active men as well as stove usage especially those ones who got stoves. Tape Bwana
Kigalama Namutumba 171 10/19/17 12/15/20 01/29/25 To follow up on stove Usage Harriet Kefeza
Kirwanire 65 12/09/19 05/18/21 05/24/21 To meet with the water user committee. Martin Kibuuka
Kishaike Namutumba 149 10/25/17 06/04/21 06/09/21 To continue guiding participants as they build stoves on their own. Suzan Winnie
Kisimu 6 04/15/21 05/25/21 06/02/21 Triggering Tom Ngobi
Kisiro Namutumba 111 11/10/17 11/30/20 01/29/21 Commissioning of the new well in Kisiro. Alex Walyomu
Kiteigalwa Bugiri 80 10/19/17 12/03/20 01/22/25 To follow up on stove usage, smearing of the home facilities and firewood storages. Harriet Kefeza
Kitukiro Buyende 124 10/23/17 06/01/21 06/14/21 To conduct triggering in hand washing and continue encourage the village to meet the required sanitation facility standards. Alex Walyomu
Kivule Namutumba 171 10/19/17 06/01/21 06/14/21 To discuss how they are going to give loans to the members who want to do business because they have been saving without giving loans but they think it is time to start. Abraham Mulongo
Maliga Namutumba 163 10/20/17 05/20/21 11/20/21 Follow up on Kibo ambassadors and guide them if need be. Ida Bazonoona
Mpumiro Namutumba 127 12/08/17 06/07/21 07/07/21 We will be reviewing all lessons under HIV/AIDS Awareness Topic / Post test lorna katagara
Nabikenge Namutumba 133 10/20/17 02/25/21 08/11/21 To check on the progress of the chicken program. Daina Akurut
Nabituluntu Namutumba 111 10/18/17 06/04/21 06/07/21 To prepare the group to recieve the goats, chris and alex b will go through the group constitution and the group reqister to make sure all the members have the requirements to recieve goats which include having planted trees, having the updated certificate of registration, all the members having been active, their economic activity is doing well as well as making sure the members prepare what to feed the goats and their shelter. Chris and alex b will also prepare the group members for the visiting of the CDO which is next week. Chris Bulolo
Naibowa Kamuli 141 10/23/17 06/01/21 06/07/21 Teach on women and HIV /AIDS lorna katagara
Nairika- Kisege Luuka 2 10/23/17 10/30/17 01/20/25 Mvule is nolonger working in this village and so is anyother program Abraham Mulongo
Naisamula Namutumba 70 10/25/17 05/25/21 06/02/21 Irene will be teaching about personal hygiene,oral hygiene,menstral hygiene,and skin infections. Irene Nakibirango
Namulu 2 10/20/20 05/25/21 05/31/21 Carry out baseline survey Tom Ngobi
Namusita 15 01/28/20 05/20/21 05/26/21 To follow up on the new home facilities and improvement. Martin Kibuuka
Nawaibete Namutumba 87 10/20/17 03/26/21 04/21/21 To guide the community members on constitution writing. Chris Bulolo
Nawampiti Namutumba 99 11/13/17 06/04/21 06/07/21 To continue teaching participants how to build stoves especially in the lower section of the village. Tape Bwana
Nawandyo Unassigned 1 11/08/17 11/08/17 N/A Enock Madolo
Nawandyo A Namutumba 82 11/17/17 05/25/21 06/07/21 To continue with home visits, to assess the homes according to the community empowerment lessons Daina Akurut
Nawandyo B Namutumba 53 11/20/17 06/01/21 06/01/21 To teach about love in the family Daina Akurut
Nawankofu 1 12/05/19 12/05/19 01/22/25 WASH will not be going back to this village ever David Balimunsi
Ndalike Kamuli 96 11/06/17 06/04/21 06/11/21 To teach about unity and harmony in marriage. Ida Bazonoona
Sinde Namayingo 104 11/06/17 10/30/20 02/05/21 To discuss how far they have reached on the idea of buying a group tent and chairs Abraham Mulongo
Test 30 11/14/17 02/02/21 07/12/21 This is a test larrynorman

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