Community Empowerment - Maliga - Namutumba

Visit by Daina Akurut on 2020-12-02

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2020-12-02 13:03:06 UTC
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10:30-17:21 (6 h 51 m)
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Community Empowerment Lessons

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Ida Bazonona 
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Bible Lesson 8: Teaching Children 
Ida and Diana were in Maliga, to teach about parenting. Ida started by encouraging the group to put on their masks, because Covid is real. She said that no one can see corona passing, but by putting on the mask and washing hands, corona can be handled. She took them through a recap, they answered very well, which showed how attentive the group was. We were both impressed as the community people remembered everything. Ida asked them if they still receive bags from their husbands Susan responded that her husband brings while others said that their husbands don’t bring. They laughed as Diana and Ida encouraged them to tell their husbands to always attend these lessons, because it is good for their families. Diana introduced parenting lesson to the community. She asked them what they understand by parenting. Joy said parenting is the way parents train up their children. Peter also said that parenting is done from the time of conception, he takes care of the woman until when she gives birth. Diana commended everyone for the brilliant answers they gave. She said that parenting involves a great deal of routine which gives children a sense of self control. Good parenting skills include; listening to what your children have to say, showing good judgement and stick to your rules,show lots of love during quality time, parents should hug their children, let it start with them before they get it from some where else. They should appreciate and encourage their children in cases where they are looking for answers, they should be forgiving parents. Diana also told them that parenting starts from the time of conception, and the fathers have to be there for their wives, speak good words to the baby in the womb and bless them always Ida and Diana demonstrated how men should talk to baby in the womb and which words to say, like you are a blessed and favored hold. Ida went on tell them that children imitate what they see. Parents should not undress or dress before their children most especially if they are six months and above. She also encouraged them not to bathe with them because they will embarrass them in public most especially 2years and above. Ida and Diana also taught bad parenting skills which are verbal and physical abuse, emotional neglect, sexual abuse. The causes of bad parenting are: substance abuse, separation of parents, parent mental health. Ida. Concluded by encouraging both parents to be there in the upbringing of their children, because in the end they will be proud of them. Here 
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2020-12-09 - Purpose: To teach about how to fix bad parenting and introduce practicing love in the family.
Program Success
Yes, their saving circle is growing, every Wednesday they give to two people the amount we don’t know. Most interesting bit is that men are also saving money in this circle.
Program Critical Needs
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The cows are doing well, which the community got from the goats that Kibo gave out.
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All the community is using their stoves very well.
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To mobilize the men to attend the lessons and to be vigilant on putting on the masks.
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We prepare lessons on time

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15662 Ida taking the group on a recap and encouraging them to put on the masks.