Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nawampiti - Kivule Primariy School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-12-09

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Lorna went here to give the community members the general test since this would be the last meeting day. Overview Today was the final visit to this village concerning the Life Skills . Previously, Lorna mentioned that on this day, she will be giving the community members a general test concerning all the topics under Life Skills. Before the meeting, a prayer was made they carried out a review of the previous lesson on the Bridge model and thereafter one Mzee mentioned to the group concerning the Bridge model that there should be a difference between community members that have been a part of the Life a Skills Program and those that have not attended and that they should be the role models in the village. After the review,a Lorna greeted the community and told them as she had said previously that they will be carrying out the test today and asked them whether they were ready and they said yes. The test contained 30 questions of at least most of the topics under Life Skills Program. Lorna gave out some test papers to some community members that could read and write to sit the exam/ test. Lorna mentioned that tests are not only done in school but also in informal education and that it helps measure their levels of understanding concerning the program. The test was done orally as Lorna would read out the question first in English and then explain in Lusoga and then the community members would respond. It was very participatory as the community members treated it like a competition. Questions were asked even in between the test like Fiona asked a question on HIV and breast feeding mothers. Another asked concerning use of condoms to prevent HIV and mama Olivia mentioned that especially the youth should not be deceived but just choose Abstinence. Conclusion The test went on for 2 hours and Lorna‚Äôs conclusion was that the community members understood everything and even Learnt other things in the process. Lorna thanked them for being a good class and asked that they continue the same even with the next program. The program will be continued during church services, funerals and any communal meetings and it will be led by Yacobo , Betty and Sam. Lorna gave a prize to those that participated most. 
Next Visit
2021-03-17 - Purpose: Introduce next program
Program Success
Yes, the youth group starting up theirs projects and refusing to be the youth that will waste their life
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Program Ownership
Great participation
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The upper boreholes fence will need to be reconstructed.
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Keep the program moving forward.
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