Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ibaako

Visit by Enock Madolo on 2021-02-01

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Enock Madolo
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2021-02-04 08:20:05 UTC
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Enock Madolo
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2021-02-04 13:02:57 UTC
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10:00-17:58 (7 h 58 m)
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11:49-15:33 (3 h 44 m)
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4 h 14 m

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To meet with the local leaders and committee 
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Enock Madoolo 
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Enock visited this community to meet with all the local leaders, sanitation committee to talk about how the political season has affected them, ask of it has caused tension amongst residents, credit disunity and find out if everything is pretty good with everyone so that kibo group can come back to complete the wash program. The chairman welcomed the program back and gave me a brief overview of how people have embraced and progressed with the program, told me the pix axes are also busy in the community helping many people to dig new latrine holes more so those families which lost their latrine structures during the heavy rainstorms. When I asked how the elections has treated them, they responded to me and said the residents are okay with the results and there is no tension or threats happening to anyone concerning who they voted for. After the meeting we walked in some how to check in the maintenance of sanitation and hygiene, check in the new facilities construction say latrines, shower areas, kitchen areas, hand washing facilities and rubbish pits. We encouraged them to construct good and strong foundation for new latrines, emphasized the use of hand washing stands and taught those families how to construct good facilities. I was so impressed that most people have embraced the program and working hard to complete all the sanitation facilities to standard. The residents where happy to see us back, we encouraged cooperation and unity amongst all leaders and residents, encouraged the construction. During the visited the residents also appreciated the work kibo groups as done for them more so the sanitation team which has improved their lives through the health program. 
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2021-02-08 - Purpose: To check on latrine construction of new facilities encouraged maintenance of built facilities, and use of ash. To mobilize, monitor, sensitize the residents about open defecation, behavioral change, emphasized hand washing construction and use.
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16392 I met the sanitation and hygiene community members who have been so hard working to also sensitize the community on the issues of improving sanitation and hygiene.
16395 During this visit we saw some dish racks which are being used and maintained.
16398 There is a broken kitchen due to heavy rainfall last year, I managed to encourage the families on the benefits and challenges of not having a proper kitchen. I left there home when the husband is starting to collect bricks for construction.