Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Igerera A

Visit by Enock Madolo on 2021-04-26

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Enock Madolo
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2021-04-29 12:16:46 UTC
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Enock Madolo
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2021-04-29 13:20:32 UTC
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10:12-17:24 (7 h 12 m)
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12:22-15:53 (3 h 31 m)
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3 h 41 m

Household visits

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To follow up on homes on remaining to construct. 
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Enock Madoolo 
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Enock made a visit to this community to continue checking on the progress of sanitation improvements more so latrine construction, dish racks, shower areas, kitchen areas, hand washing, rubbish pits. During the visit I met with local leaders who we moved around to encourage, monitor and emphasize the core importance of proper sanitation standards as well as guiding the residents how to continue improving their sanitation. This trip was aimed at check in the home which were lagging behind and where constructing new latrines. When we walked around we saw some three new latrine holes, two of them have concrete foundation and they are yet to construct the structures on it. There is also a newly constructed latrine with brick, cement and sand and this shows how they have embraced and investing in there homes. There are some homes which where lagging behind but during this visit we saw how the residents are taking more initiative to complete all the missing latrines. We also saw five new dish racks, reminded some people on the values of hand washing. Taught the importance of good sanitation in homes which didn’t have latrines, remained them about the many expenses and expenditures on medication which is brought about by poor sanitation. As we continued to check on the progress of sanitation, we went to the home of miss Gatrude Gadangada who just completed her new latrine structure and was building a new hand washing stand. We also visited the home of Israel Mgwe who has just moved to this community but has completed the construction of his new latrine, we encouraged him to also also construct a shower area, rubbish pit as well as hand washing stand. We left the local leader meeting to also plan on how to move around and encourage fellow residents to construct good sanitation and hygiene facilities and complete the program. They appreciate the great improvement done in their community and thank kibo for the program which has created a great impact in the hygiene of their community. 
Next Visit
2021-05-03 - Purpose: To have a meeting with the local leaders and get a solution on how to help those people who have been so slow to adopt change. After the meeting we shall walk around to check on the progress of sanitation improvements in home which haven’t completed their latrines and find out where they have reached. Encourage them and advise to take responsibility of all the lessons taught to them.
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Report Photos

18858 One of the best latrines constructed in this community. They invested a lot of money to construct using cement, sand and bricks. It’s one of the strongest latrine are constructed.
18861 In the area near where I’m standing, they are constructing a new latrine and they have already completed the foundation and yet to construct a structure on it.
18864 They are constructing a new latrine in the area having cut timber they constructed a foundation. The old latrine was full and it’s decommissioned.