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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-04-26

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Life Skills Education and Counseling non-teaching lesson

Life Skills Education and Counseling 
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meet with a parent 
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Introduction Manuela went to Kagulu village to educate the community members about the bridge model , this is a visual way of presenting the concept of behavior change that is used in the in Life Skills program. This lesson is aimed at educating community members to understand the risk factors in community and also identify some life skills that can enable them to overcome such risk in their community and life. Overview Manuela reached the village and found 15 participants seated waiting for her, she greeted them and gave them some copies of the bridge model pictures to go through as they wait for the rest of the community members to come, after some times, Manuela introduced her lesson but she started with the previous lessons which she did not finish , she started by asking the participants about what they learnt previously then taught the bridge model. Manuela asked the participants what bridge model is , most of them would understand the ward bridge but failed to understand the ward model. Manuela told them that it’s not what they think but all it’s about the behavior change. After that, Manuela asked the community members about some of the risk factors in their community, they said that child labor, early child marriage and pregnancy, cases of bad peer groups, school drop out, domestic violence and among others, Manuela want on and told the participants that every parents wish their children good luck but because of the community where their children are growing in changes their good plan for their children for a community which has lost of death from AIDS , unwanted pregnancy, expelled from school, and among others. Now Manuela asked them that as parents since they have seen all the risk factors, how can they build a Bridge model from information to behavior change? They suggested ways like taking to their children, trying to stop their children from joining bad peer groups, they will talk to their children about the dangers of early pregnancy and marriage, educate their children so that they become responsible people in the community and even Manuela told the participants that around give their children a piece of land where their kids can grow food crops, seal and buy things like pads, brass, petite coats among others, so they their daughters can stop bagging money from strangers for those items. After that lesson Manuela taught the community members on they can identity the missing skills in their community, she asked them what are some of the missing life skills in their community, some bright participants said, they don’t have good communication skills and decisions making skills, Manuela asked her why, she told that the men in their community speak arrogantly to them and their children and in most cases they are never included in deciding making, they always decide for in most cases which is not good they feel being oppressed, they asked Manuela to educate them about the importance of all life skills so that their husbands can change and value them. Manuela went on and explained the other skills too, Life relationship skills, Manuela said in the community where there is love and unity then that community will develop the same as the community with good communication skills and decisions making, she told them that families with good good decisions making will always progress, Manuela told them that it’s good make use of those skills so that develop their homes and community. Reactions from the participants One of the participants, Naigaga said she has girls and boys who are on school going and some are already at home for the holidays, she went and appreciated her for the encouraging messages that Manuela has given them she is going tell her children about that. Not that even other were saying the same that they are going to put all what they have learnt in to consideration. Finally, Manuela appreciated them for coming and she told them to come again and she told them to utilize all skills they have learnt. 
Next Visit
2021-04-03 - Purpose: To introduce the new topic on decisions making and teach the first lessons steps in making good decisions.
Program Success
Yes, the community members are responding steadily to the program.
Program Critical Needs
Still Manuela needs to talk to the community leaders to continue mobilizing community members.
Program Ownership
Community members doing their homework in time,
Other Program Observations
Stoves are being used well.
Program Expected Of Village
They will be working on their home work as they wait for the next visit.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Manuela will be reading and preparing notes for the next visit.

Report Photos

18885 Here Manuela was asking the community about how many parents take time to talk to their children about the risk factors in their community, unfortunately only three raised up their hands.
18888 That woman was appreciating the lessons of the bridge model because Manuela brought at the right time now the primary seven are at home and candidates classes who just finished their exams, because this lesson is aimed at behavior change.
18891 That man was also appreciating Manuela and he said he going to start changing on his behavior and live a positive life.
18894 Manuela was encouraging the parents to be close to their children and bridge a gap that will enable them to life a positive life.