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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2021-05-03

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene went to Kalitumba to discuss about benefits of postnatal,post abortion care and to discuss about immunization. The meeting started with a word from the chairman, he thanked Irene for picking him up from the the hospital on her way to the village because he had been admitted for three days and had no money left for transport back home. He continued to thank kibo for the great work they are doing in their village because it’s because of them that he now feels free to express himself to the medical workers irrespective of what he is suffering from. He said previously could just buy drugs from a pharmacy and self medicate himself and that would cost him a lot of money because each time he went he would buy the same kind of medication that some times didn’t work for him. He further asked the members to embrace the health facilities given So that the services offered are fully utilized. He then welcomed Irene to continue with the lesson. Irene thanked the chairman for his continued support in mobilizing the members , thanked the community members for turning up for the lesson and continuing to invite friends to come and take part in the lessons. Irene went ahead to make a review of the previous lesson, then after she asked the members for the meaning of postnatal care. With a few ideas from the members like it’s when a mother is taken care of by her mother -in-law, sister or auntie after she has given birth. It’s that time when a mother is taken care of after giving birth. On addition to that Irene said, it is the general care of both the mother and the baby as well as the danger signs in the period after birth. Irene asked the members some of the things done in the hospital to the mother and baby before discharging them after child birth, the members gave immunization of the baby,starting the baby to breast feed,teaching them how to clean themselves and on addition to that Irene added,discharge from a health facility, timing for postnatal contacts, examining the baby for abnormalities,prophylactic drugs and psychological support, Jalia added that they also advise them on family planning and also talk our partners for HIV/ AIDs testing and counseling. Irene then discussed the benefits of postnatal and post abortion care and some of the things discussed were, the body will be able to recover faster to pre-pregnancy state, enjoying motherhood or recovery from the missed pregnancy,Bonding with the baby,remember your baby connects to you and he knows if you are stressed or unhappy this affects him, breast feeding also needs a good psychological state, Incase of an abortion one gets to know the cause of the abortion and if it needs medical attention she has time to treat it. And some of the barriers to receiving postnatal or post abortion care were distance and transportation lack of family and community support practices for the new mother and their newborn among others Irene then asked members to visit the government health center or hospital Incase one gets any signs of a miscarriage and for proper management of the postnatal period. Irene also discussed about immunization benefits and the different sites to be immunized, noting that once one is immunized the body gets that energy to fight and defend itself against a given disease hence helping the children to grow well. the barriers to immunization were also discussed about and some of them that women gave were long distances to the places where they give the vaccines from, lack of support from the husbands because some of them don’t allow their wives to take the children for immunization, culture doesn’t allow children to immunized. So women asked Irene to talk to their husbands about the benefits of immunization because some of them don’t come for the meetings. So Irene promised that the next time she makes a home to home visit she will talk to different homes about it. 
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Health Education 
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2021-05-17 - Purpose: Irene will be discussing about breast feeding,complementary feeding ,challenges and solutions to breast feeding and also teach and demonstrate about nutrition.
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19011 Kalitumba village; Irene asking the community members to raise their hands if they have ever had deworming medication in the last 6months.
19014 Kalitumba village: Irene talking to the members about benefits of postnatal services and care.