Health Education - Igerera B

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2021-05-10

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene went to Igerera B to teach about gastrointestinal worms and to introduce the the diet lesson. But the weather couldn’t allow them take lessons under the tree where they always sit because it was raining heavily. So with that Irene decided to make home visits with the chairman who volunteered to help walk with her so they can surprise the community members in their homes. Irene together with the chairman moved to several homes advising each home accordingly, some homes didn’t have kitchens to cook in so had to wait for the rain to stop so that they can prepare their food we had to cation them on putting up kitchens on that they can have their food on time, other homes had proper kitchens with saving stoves and firewood stands in them which was good because they were keeping warm in them as family without smoke in them. Irene moved to sulaina’s home a pregnant mother she has been following up, she is 18 years now a mother of one expecting one this June with a metal instability. She stays with her mother-in-law who always takes care of her in her last trimester and take her through child birth. On each home visit Irene has been talking to this mother about hygiene of both herself and her 1year old girl,encouraging the mother to take her for hospital delivery as she did for the first pregnancy and adherence on her drugs which needed refill. Irene gave her a mama kit so that they can add on what they had prepared. Irene still went to other homes visited more mothers, checking on babies for warmth, cleanliness, breastfeeding and the general health of mothers. The other mother she visited was so thankful that Irene advised on hospital delivery because her husband was present to see her through the labour pains and now the husband stays to take care of some house chores before he leaves for his work place where he stays for a full week. The husband was also thankful because he now knows the hardship she goes through. After the visit Irene together with the chairman talked about the findings and the chairman promised to make a follow up on the homes still lagging behind in some things. 
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Health Education 
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2021-05-24 - Purpose: Irene will be teaching about gastrointestinal worms and also introduce the diet lesson.
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There has been a great improvement in the general hygiene of homes.
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Most homes are putting up the dish racks that were eaten by the termites.
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Mobilize the members for the next meeting.
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Prepare next lesson and call the village for the next meeting.

Report Photos

19263 Igerera B: Irene talking to sulaina one of the pregnant young mother about hygiene, birth preparedness, child spacing, and benefits of antenatal care.
19266 Igerera B: Irene explaining to the mother the benefits of a mama kit she gave to her as one of the requirements she will need to prepare for child birth in the hospital.
19269 Igerera B: Irene with one of the mothers in her care who had her first child in the hospital after Irene explaining the benefits of hospital delivery.